With standard colors and somewhat reserved designs, Ryan Dungey’s gear appears to mimic his low-key and quiet persona. This is a massive understatement, however, because nearly every component is tailored to fit, modified for sponsor requirements, or completely unobtainable to the general public. Proof? He is only one of two racers with Nike boots, he developed Oakley’s latest MX goggle, and one of his major sponsors, Red Bull, is so stringent with their iconic logos that it has spawned a market of imitations and rip-offs. We contacted Warren Johnson at Fox, who has worked with Dungey for a number of years, to find out just how different RD’s kit is than what we think at first glance.

Fox V4 Helmet, Oakley Airbrake Goggles, Fox Machina Jersey, Fox Airline Gloves, Fox Machina Pants, Asterisk Cell Knee Braces, Nike AirMX Boots

Helmet: Fox V4 Carbon
Color: Custom Red Bull Paint
Size: Medium
Price: $549.95

Every rider on the Fox roster uses the company's new V4 helmet, but few are as customized as Dungey's. To start, it is painted in the blue and silver blocked scheme required by Red Bull's sponsorship agreement, typically in a "chrome" finish. A small area of the helmet is reserved for personal sponsors Target and Nike. The standard rubber trim around the goggle port and the padding is replaced with a better coordinating yellow, and the liner itself is a bit thicker than the stock padding that comes in a medium helmet.

Goggles: Oakley Crowbar
Color: Ryan Dungey Signature
Price: $80.00 

The Crowbar by Oakley had long been Dungey's go-to goggle, but has replaced it with the all-new Airbrake he and the eyewear giant altered from snowboarding to motocross. Oakley is remaining tightlipped on the new goggle, but it features a much larger eyeport for vision and a round nose. Expect to hear more about it in the coming weeks. Something we have noticed is that no matter the conditions or time, Dungey sticks to the standard clear lens.

Jersey: Fox 360
Colors: LE Machina Blue | KTM Black
Size:  Large
Price: LE Machina Blue – $49.95 | KTM Black – $54.95

The 360 line is Fox's top shelf and best selling style of gear, and with the numerous styles offered on the template, it is rare to see Dungey in any other line. Blue is one of his favorite colors to ride in, which is evident in his limited edition Machina gear he debuted at the Anaheim season opener, but he is also partial to the red Flight colorway. Fox takes the sweep (circumference of the bottom hem) on every jersey in one inch and sublimates his name and number into the fabric. Additional Red Bull, team, and personal sponsors logos are placed on the front, back, and sleeves.

Glove: Fox Airline
Color: Black
Size: Large
Price: $26.95

Dungey is fan of the ultra-minimal design that has swept through motocross gloves and uses the Airline by Fox. Small Target logos are added to the index and middle finger, as well as the palm. The standard thumb of the Airline is replaced with the thumb from Fox's mountain bike gloves. The top portion of the MTB thumb is thicker and solid, but still has a perforated bottom.

Fox V4 Helmet, Oakley Airbrake Goggles, Fox 360 KTM Jersey, Fox Airline Glove, Fox 360 KTM Pant, Asterisk Knee Braces, Nike AirMX Boots

Pants: Fox 360
Colors: LE Machina Blue | KTM Black
Size: 32
Price: LE Machina Blue – $169.95 | KTM Black – $179.95

Dungey's 360 pants are off the shelf units with appearance modifications only. Red Bull and KTM Thermoplastic patches are sewn onto the under portion and side of the thighs, and a cursive "RD" patch is sewn onto the rear.

Knee Braces: Asterisk
Color: White
Price: $699.00

Beneath Dungey’s pants are the widely popular Asterisk Cell knee braces. The units are designed using Asterisk’s extensive history and understanding of what a rider without sacrificing mobility or protection.

Boots: Nike Custom
Color: Black
Size: 10.5
Price: Not For Sale

Created and released in 2010 by Nike, the AirMX boot is limited to the feet of only Dungey and James Stewart. Each pair is customized to the rider with different density foams and plastics, and produced in Italy by TCX. A carbon fiber strut runs into a hinge and three buckles clasp the lightweight boot shut. Nike has no plans to release the boot.