Ryan Dungey | Two Deep

Two rounds into the 2014 Monster Energy Supercross season and once again, Ryan Dungey is right where he wants to be. The Red Bull KTM rider has finished on the podium twice, has proven yet again that he has the speed to run at the front of the field, and sits second in the overall standings. Still, there are detractors saying that Dungey’s rank could be better if more aggression was shown on the track, but he explains his reasoning for refusing to show a competitor a wheel when it’s unnecessary….

On hiring a trainer...

Coming into this year I switched things up a bit. I felt like last year was good, but I was struggling in a few areas while trying to be my best all of the time. I felt like I was kind of run down, and that was expected. Motocross is such an intense sport and it's like a marathon. We do 30-plus races a year and it takes its toll on a body. To fine tune things, I hired Robb Beams. He's out of Orlando and it's been a great three months working with him so far. Everything has been going great and it has helped me out tremendously. I feel better physically and we are trying to gain fitness. It's not an area I feel like I struggled, but we can gain a little more foundation on the dirt bike and in everyday life.

In training it's fun to watch the numbers and how your body adapts. There are things I thought I knew about, but wasn't sure how to go about them the right way. Now it's getting a good program laid out for the full year and taking the guess work out. For me, I like to train and enjoy what I do, but it got to a point I was always thinking how I could be more fit, but not knowing how.

Dungey states the whoops were his weakness in Phoenix, and spent plenty of Tuesday’s test session attacking the rollers in hopes to remedy the problem.

On the depth of this year's field...

There are so many guys these days that if you make a mistake, there is someone behind you that will capitalize. It's forced us to think about things more than we have had to in previous years.

While his Red Bull KTM teammates blasted off the outside edge of this left hand turn, Dungey charged through the middle with a precise throttle hand and plenty of forward momentum. 

On his conservative riding style... 

I think it's my riding style and how I have developed over the years. At every point in the track you are trying to gain ground, whether that's getting traction with the tires and making sure they are sticking to the ground or staying low over jumps. Everybody has their own way of doing it and their own feel for the bike, but you don't want to waste any extra energy than you need to so that you'll be able to put out that effort for the full moto and not run into physical fatigue.

Dungey is currently second in the Monster Energy Supercross 450 standings, trailing leader Ryan Villopoto by a mere point as the series heads into Anaheim for round three. 

On picking the right time to ride aggressively...

I feel like these days more than ever you have to fight for a position, but for myself, it was being smart by not doing anything stupid and taking us both out. For me I was trying my best to keep my tires underneath me and keep the bike moving forward. The whoops were really challenging for me this weekend and I lost a lot of ground in them, but I felt good on the whole track. I think we can get a little better in a few areas and will be comfortable to fight for the win. I felt like we had it in us this weekend, but I just didn't capitalize.