Ryan Mills / David Bailey / Josh Demuth / Weigandt on DMXS Tonight

One tenth of a second is not a long time. It¿s about one frame of video or the blink of an eye, but that is what separated RC and James last week after practice. It¿s amazing that these two riders at opposite ends of their careers could stay so close in speed, even in the mud at San Francisco. It speaks volumes about how one is always pushing the other. I¿ve finally stopped worrying about when this incredible racing would end, and now I¿m just enjoying every second of it. RC has the Big Mo heading into this week as James is looking to find the speed and patience that have served him so well thus far. San Diego has been very nice to Reed, so it might be his week to shine before the series heads East. Either way, Ron Burgundy reminds you to”Stay classy San Diego.”

David Bailey has missed the last few shows, and our fans were not very happy at all. I¿ve received some rather pointed email asking that he be scheduled on ASAP. DB has plenty to say about the season so far, and he never disappoints. On the other hand, Jason Weigandt often disappoints, but we love him anyway. Weege decided to stay in Cali this week to help fight the brush fires. We will track him down somewhere in the hills of Anaheim. Ryan Mills has been a long time friend of the show, so we have followed his switch from KTM to RockStar Suzuki with great interest. The team has had its share of unwanted attention, so we will hear directly from one of its riders. Josh Demuth reached legendary status last week after a practice crash left his cheek torn wide open. He left for the hospital with a vow to return for the night¿s race. After going through a quick triage type care, he returned with only the outside of his mouth sewn up, and ended up just off the podium in the main without goggles since them pressed against his wound. This after riding the entire series with a broken hand after round one, and a severely torn forearm muscle. Not since the LA Rams¿ Jack Youngblood played the NFC Championship Game in 1980 with a broken leg has an athlete endured so much to compete. Josh ended up keeping his point¿s lead with one round remaining, but already secured his place in this sport¿s lore.

WWR welcomes on Cole Seibler and Michael Sleeter as Most Improved Privateers of the Week. Remember to check out www.wonderwarthogracing.com for their gear auctions and other ways to help out the Privateers.