Ryan Villopoto Destroys 2012 Exposure Meter Rankings

It’s funny how small things like winning back-to-back Supercross championships, an outdoor title, the first ever Monster Million, and the Motocross of Nations can stack up and benefit a person. Who’d think it would lead to countlessĀ advertisements, editorial coverage, or requests to have your mug plastered everywhere in sight? Someone should have warned Ryan Villopoto all thisĀ pandaemonium would occur before he went on that two-year tear and became the new face of motocross. The homeys at TransWorld Business just released their final Exposure Meter rankings for the 2012 season, and the Monster Energy Kawasaki rider finished at the top of the chart, well ahead of any other rider. Sadly, this honor does not come with a trophy or prize, but we are sure RV has enough money in his bank account to make one himself.