Ryno’s Rules: Ryan Hughes On Nutrition

Few in the sport know every aspect of professional motocross better than Ryan Hughes. After a successful career as a global racer, Hughes switched his focus to helping the next generation of riders get the most out of their bikes and bodies. With his successful brand named after his brands, RynoPower and Ryno Institute, and a eye on the sport, we wanted to know what he sees as the biggest misconceptions in motocross nutrition.

Ryno On Nutrition Misconceptions

1. Hydration
"People think that they will get hydrated from these sports drinks that are filled with sugars, food colorings, and sodium that dehydrates your more than they hydrate you. Your body is made of 75-percent water, and water only.”

2. Gluten Intolerance
"There are people that are gluten intolerant but think that they are not and continue to eat breads, pastas, oat, and grains. When I ask someone to stop eating bread or sugar they say, 'Oh my God, that it is so difficult.' But if I asked them to stop eating strawberries or chicken, they would say, 'Yeah, that's no problem.' The thing is that these refined grains and sugars are drugs and that is why it is so hard to get off of them.”

3. Eating To Your Metabolic Type
"By not knowing what your food allergies are, you could be eating healthy but actually hurting you. What is one man's medicine could be another man's poison. You have to be tested to find out what foods are good for you and what foods you are allergic to.”

Ideal Diet

"My ideal diet is being a caveman, eating the exact way we were designed to eat and operate millions of years ago. That comes off of Mother Nature, which is nothing that is in a package, nothing that is in a box, and nothing made in a factory. It is anything that grows from the ground or wanders on the ground is my ideal diet."