Safety Demo with Fox Racing’s Craig Monty

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Last week the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego had a celebration for the 50th Anniversary Celebration/National Boys and Girls Club Week. Kids from two branches of Boys and Girls clubs met at their Escondido location where a whole slew of kid-like activities were scheduled. The Escondido Police and fire department had units on display, bouncy houses were a popular stop, and an appearance by Ronald McDonald was also a big hit.


But possibly one of the most popular stops was the one provided by Craig Monty. Since leaving his position as David Vuillemin’s mechanic during the ’03 season so that he could spend more time at home, he’s been working for Fox Racing and handling the San Diego territory. “I wanted some more time off, and what got me into racing was riding and just having so much fun.”


“We’re not really here to promote riding, but if you do ride bikes or motorcycles, the importance of wearing safety gear. This is a perfect opportunity, while the kids are young.”


Craig and Fox’s local Tech Rep, Brandon Jeffries showed off the full head-to-toe range of safety gear and quizzed kids about the importance of safety gear, and handing out stickers and other goodies to kids who had the right answers.


All in all, very cool for the kids, and way cool for Fox.

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