San Francisco Tamer Kawasaki Race Report

We were welcomed to AT&T Park by light rain showers that would continue through the night and into the next morning forcing AMA to skip the first set of practices for all classes.

With the new qualifying method, this could be a concern, but the Lites class only had 40 entrants, so everyone entered was off to the night program regardless of their practice lap times. The Supercross class was still decided by the top 40 practice lap times and once again, Jake Marsack and Eric Sorby posted fast enough practice times to earn their way into the nights program out of the day program making it four for four.

Graham rode his qualifier well finishing in 11th position where he would race his way into his first main event of his young pro career with a 3rd place finish behind LCQ winner Josh Grant and runner up Josh Hansen. Once the main was underway, Bradley would battle back and fourth with Chris Blose and would finish 15th overall.

Sorby and Marsack where in heat 2 of the Supercross class where Sorby would finish a credible 7th to move directly to the main event. The patience bug bite Marsack finding himself on the ground while trying to force a pass. Marsack would continue to the LCQ and once again, he was on the ground ending his night.

“Jake rode exceptionally well. His speed was enough for the main event with an 18th fastest practice time, but decisions and luck were not on his side tonight,” said team manager Kevin Maret. Eric rode well in the main and was in 5th position after passing Travis Preston. Preston had other ideas and proceeded to block pass Sorby off the track where Sorby crashed very hard. He remounted in 20th position and would work his way to 19th by the end of the main event.

Maret continues, “Overall, I am satisfied with the team’s progress. We switched brands to Kawasaki and riders this year and we are reaching our short-term goal of placing riders in the main event at each race. Sorby, Marsack and Graham have the speed for main events, we now will focus on the quality of the team once in the main event.”

Eric is 18th in points, Jake Marsack is 24th in points and Bradley Graham is 24th in Lites points as we enter round five of the AMA Amp’d Mobile Supercross Series in Anaheim, CA.

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