Saturday Feature: Thunder Valley MX Park

The Toyota Trucks AMA National Motocross Presented by Division 7 is already underway at Thunder Valley MX Park in Lakewood, Colorado as riders, teams, and mechanics worked on dialing in their bikes during the Saturday practice/qualifying sessions. The characteristic high elevation and temperatures at Thunder Valley keep everyone busy as they work to find the ideal setup for tomorrow’s race.

In it’s third year back on the schedule, Thunder Valley continues to be a popular stop on the AMA calendar. So to catch up on the action from Saturday practice, and to get a little background on the track, we talked with Thunder Valley’s Scotty Lalonde.

TWMX: Hi Scotty, we know you guys are busy there, so thanks for taking a minute to catch us up on all the action. How did things go today during today’s practice sessions?

Lalonde: It was good. Saturday is obviously lighter than Sunday, but there were definitely a lot of fans our here. It’s a warm Colorado summer day, but people had their coolers and umbrellas, and they were here to enjoy practice and the WMA motos.

Tell us a little more about the history of the track…

David and Shari Clabaugh are the owners of Thunder Valley Motocross here in Lakewood. To get the Nationals, David put hundreds of thousands of dollars into the facility. There used to be a big ravine where the 20 acres of pro pits are now, and he’s brought in lots of materials to fill things out. The track is basically on the side of a rocky mountain nestled in the foothills outside of Denver. If you go off the track you can really see the rocks and rubble, but by bringing in so much material he’s really made it one of the premiere facilities.

For us non-pro riders, what is the usual open practice schedule?

We have open practice Wednesdays through Sundays, from 10 am ’til dark. We also have some regional races, like Loretta’s qualifiers.

Do you have any other tracks onsite besides the main National track?

We also have two peewee tracks: one that is for 50s, and then an 85/150 track.

For people that are planning to head out for tomorrow’s National, where do they go to get more info and buy tickets?

The website is; that’s the best place to go. Also, if you’re local you can text “thunder” to 25827 and that gives you some special discounts on tickets.

Next weekend we’ll be back up there for our first TWMX Dirt Days event, so we’ll see you then.

Yeah, Mark Barnett has shaped our track, and next weekend will give folks a chance to try out the track just like it was for the National.

Sounds great. Thanks!

Thank you.

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