Scott Sheak Injured


Former Plano Honda Team Manager and past 125cc National winner Scott Sheak suffered a horrendous crash last Sunday while competing in the WORCS off-road race held at Glen Helen Raceway Park. With only one lap to go, Sheak over-jumped a downhill tabletop and crashed hard, his Kawasaki KX250 landing on him as he tumbled to a stop.

“I was just taking it easy,” said Sheak. “I was in second and the white flag was in sight. I must have over-jumped the table coming down out of Budd’s Creek. The next thing I knew, I was in an ambulance.”

In the crash, Sheak suffered six broken ribs. One of them punctured and collapsed his lung. At the hospital, doctors inserted a chest tube (a hard plastic tube with a sharp end) through his ribcage and into his chest cavity, to help drain the blood that filled his lung. Sheak remains hospitalized, with the chest tube in place, and will remain under observation until doctors feel he has stabilized enough to remove the tube. As is always the case when fluid enters the lung, pneumonia is a concern.

Currently, Sheak has been eyeing a change to off-road racing with Team Green, and has been busy conducting his MX Riding Schools in SoCal. This injury will be a large setback. If you’d care to drop Sheak a note of encouragement, send them to and we will be sure to pass them along to our hospitalized friend.