Scott Sheak Out Until Indy


It looks like Team Shark/Plano Honda’s Scott Sheak may be out of action until the start of the Eastern Region 125cc SX Championship Series, as the Corona resident has been diagnosed with a broken rib.

We first became suspicious when Sheak failed to show up for his regular butt whipping at the local raquetball courts earlier this week, and a phone call from Iron confirmed our fears.

“I got out of control in the whoops at Anaheim and the handlebars hit me in the ribs really hard,” said Sheak, who raced a big Honda CRF450R at Anaheim. “It hurt pretty bad at the moment, but nothing major.”

Sheak missed a transfer spot by one in his semi, but bad luck on the first last of the LCQ had him spectating for the remainder of the evening. “I had only started testing on my 450 a week or so prior to the race, but I felt good,” said Sheak. “I was looking forward to tuning up on the West Coast before racing for the title on the East.”

On Tuesday evening, Sheak sneezed while preparing a home cooked dinner for his wife Erica. “I sneezed while I was sprinkling pepper on the food,” said Sheak. “My rib must have been cracked since Saturday, and it let go right there in the kitchen! I laid on the ground unable to move for 10 minutes.”

It is more than likely that Sheak will be able to return to action within a couple weeks, but he may opt to play it safe and wait for the East Series to start.

“Winning that championship is what I was hired to do and it is also my main goal,” said Sheak. “I can still do some light cardio workouts right now, but until I get the okay, it’s no riding or raquetball for me!”