SDG Complete Seat

PRICE: $89.99 most bikes, $99.99 Yamaha YZFs
APPLICATION: All modern Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki full-sized bikes [IMAGE 1]Well-known for years in the bicycling industry, SDG has decided to enter the motocross market by introducing a bolt-on seat replacement kit, complete with seat cover, foam, base and tabs. With a suggested retail price of $89.99 for a fully assembled seat, our only question was “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner?” Not only is the SDG seat a substantial amount cheaper than an OEM model (which retails between $130 to $236, depending on the model), but the quality is definitely on par, if not better. A two-toned “Gripper” cover is wrapped around a high quality, polyurethane closed-cell foam that reduces foam breakdown and stops water saturation. The seat base is also stronger than stock models, as it is composed of nylon rather than polypropylene, which most bases are made of. So how was it on the track? It was fine. We use the word “fine” because it is still a seat. It is tough to call something you sit on “earth shattering” or “unbelievable,” but we do feel that the SDG model is firmer, tackier, stronger, and most importantly cheaper than OEM seats, which in our minds make it a great deal for the motocross consumer. Style-conscious riders might be bummed that the seat is only available in black, but every bike we put the SDG on looked fine, even the ones with aftermarket graphics kits.


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