Sean Hamblin and Suzuki Swift Team Start Season at Hawkestone Park

Suzuki & Suzuki Swift Motocross Team launched their team this week at Hawkestone Park with great success, this was the first time Suzuki have combined their Motocross Bike Division with the Car products in a point of sale marketing campaign at an off road event. The event saw the promotional unit packed with potential Suzuki owners for both the car and bike departments . Suzuki were promoting their range of off road machines from the RM85 to the new race ready RMZ-250.

Also on show were the Suzuki Swift Sport with all the Suzuki Accessory Products you could wish for. Along side the Swift was the flagship Suzuki Grand Vitara which showed everyone the variety of cars within the Suzuki line up. The promotional unit which combines a Hospitality Unit and a point of sale Showroom for all potential customers and marketing Partners will be taken to this years British and World Championship events and combines with the action of a full working environment as the Racing Stars and Technician are at touching distant within the show setup creating a exciting and buzzing atmosphere. Customers are able to walk freely through the showroom area of the unit giving a relaxed feel and this type of marketing enables Suzuki to show that they are looking at all ages when it comes to there products.

One Team Partner who was invited to the launch said ” This whole marketing initiative and point of sale unit is better than our highest expectations and you will find others will realise this is an opportunity to market yourself and your products with smaller outlays than conventional promotions .It seems to get everyone involved and I will definately be taking a test drive in your Suzuki Swift.”

One of the Directors of the Suzuki Swift Motocross Team quoted,”In order to get the promotional unit off the ground we new it had to a bold statement at the events and we needed the same message repeated over and over again .To achieve this you will find the words Suzuki and Swift over 250 times within the area of the our Suzuki Swift experience this will hopefully stay in people’s mind when they leave the event.”

Although the promotional unit was a fantastic success the Suzuki Swift racing stars of our on & off road show experienced the ups and downs of racing on the track with both Elliott Banks Browne & Sean Hamblin starting the day on high as they both posted the fastest times for the first 15 minutes in timed training to eventually go to the start in the top ten which meant expectations were running high.

As the gate dropped Elliott managed a fantastic start in 4th before a crash on the first turn saw him starting last and leaving him too much to do . The disappointment didn’t end there as Sean also went down in the same crash and put him last with Elliott creating disappointment within the camp.After the race Elliott told us ” I didn’t actually get a very good start of the line but my bike was so fast down the start straight that it just pulled past everyone , it was definately faster than Tyla Rattray’s Ktm down the straight “.

Race two didn’t go much better with both riders crashing again on the first lap and the day was one to be forgotten on the track . On a high note the British Championship starts this Sunday and we are expecting to see a podium or two at Canada Heights.

The Suzuki Swift Motocross Team is definately the setup and marketing campaign for the image of Suzuki and any major company wanting a professional and dedicated team to work with them.