Show ‘N Tell

Chris Saldusky

I would love to be in Show ‘N Tell. I live in NW Ohio and race Northern Ohio tracks. But my local track is “Sandusky Valley Riders.”

Christopher Lee

My name is Christopher Lee and I’m sending you a little race action from the Vet beginner class of REM at Glen Helen. Hey, got to start somewhere. I’m 34 and loving my CR250. Done the four-stroke thang, but still happy with two-stroke power!

I’m in San Fran for five months with work. Drove up with the bike and checking out the Nor-Cal tracks. If anybody is looking for a place to ride near the city check out in Livermore. Good times good people

Edwin Rivera

I’m an old bastard (30 yrs old) that just recently got into this MX thing. I can’t believe I didn’t do this 20 years ago. I’m such a fool!  Anyways, I’ve been riding for about eight months now on a YZ250 that I got in trade for a guitar. After I got my bike, I managed to talk most of my friends into getting bikes too.  It’s pretty funny actually; we’re all so gullible it’s ridiculous.  We’re doing the Victor Sheldon thing now (crossover PWC to MX).  We’re all big PWC Enthusiasts, and now with the MX addition of things, it’s like having the best of both worlds!  We ride at Pepsi Air Dania and Seminole Motocross down in South Florida primarily.  When we’re not at the track, we’ll be out in the surf at Monster Hole in Sebastian, FL, getting our PWC on.   So, put my pictures up so my friends can laugh at me. 

Joel Lawton

Hi, I’m Joel Lawton and I’m 16. I’m from Alma, Kansas which is about a half-hour drive to the west of Topeka. I’m the proud owner of a 1995 KDX 200 and its my very first bike. I’ve been into dirt bikes for about three years and took me three years to save up enough money. The best places to ride around here is probably Milford (sick hill climbs), Perry (awesome when muddy), Thunder Hill (awesome MX track), Oakland (nice sandy track), trails behind my house (of course they’re awesome), Westy (lots of creek crossings), and Tuttle Creek (really rocky).

I haven’t got to race yet. I’ve been trying for about two months now. Seems like every time I go out and ride before a race I screw up. Two days before my first race I went out and rode on gravel and accidentally gave it too much gas and tore a hole in my knee about three inches by three inches clear to the bone. And then the last three weekends in a row I’ve gone out to Milford and they were all before races and screwed something up. Last weekend I went out and broke my clutch lever, ruined a two day old tube, bent my bars in half, ripped off my tool bag on my bike, bent my gear shifter in, tore off a side panel, my knee went out when I went up a hill that was straight up and down and when I got to the top and was in air I totally bailed and fell about ten feet to the ground and landed on my knee.

Sorry TransWorld, I don’t have any sisters but I can probably send some pictures of my girlfriend. Here’s some of me out at Iakland.

Erick Spreeman

I’m 15 years old and I live in Peshtigo, WI. I race my 2005 YZ250F in the 125 Junior and 125 C classes at local MX races. I have been racing for three years, but rode for four. My first race was on a YZ85. I had that for about three months then bought a YZ125. My first race on a 125 I crashed and got knocked out, so I didn’t start to well! I like to ride and  race at Pine Ridge Raceway, Christmas Motorsports Park, Gravity Park, and Sports and Competition.

I am currently in 12th place in the Northern Cup MX Series for 125 C and 13th for 125 Junior. The riders around District 16 are all so helpful and every single one will give you tips and help you out however they can.

I also want to thank a feww sponsors, TMM Excavating, ASV Inventions, Port Yamaha, Crystal Creek Bar and Hall, Decal Works, SoCal Racing, and mom and dad.

Paul Rarick

My name is Paul Rarick. and I’m 15 years old and I live in Canyon Lake, CA. I ride a 2005 Yamaha YZ125. I’ve been riding almost four years now. I race in the 125cc division mostly at Perris Raceway, Lake Elsinore MX, and other local tracks. These pictures of me are from Perris Raceway. I ride the about twice a week. I haven’t been riding as much lately because the coolest in gets in the day is about 100 degrees—real hot. If I go riding I normally go at night. There’s a photos of me going off the finish line at Perris Raceway in Practice, and one of me waiting to get on the track looking at Jason Lawrence make everybody look like first-timers out there. Thanks to my sponsors: N-Style, Utopia Optics, Decal Works, and Gaerne Boots. Thanks TWMX.

Aaron Bowden

Hi I’m Aaron Bowden. I’m 15  years old, and I’m from QLD Australia. I ride a 2005 KX250F #623. I live in Brisbane and I race motocross. My home track is Stanmore and wheelies (Oxley) and I have recently just raced one round of the Shell Advanced Sunshine State MX Series and I’m going on to race the south-east QLD series, I ride at Blackduck Valley sometimes with my friends which is an awesome place! Hope you like the photos.

John Wakefield

I’m John Wakefield, and I’m 28 years old from Capetown,, South Africa, I ride an ’05 CRF250. I’m sponsored by a shop in George called Honda-Wing George. I’m waiting one year so I can move up to the Vet class cause it feels like I’ve been a “lifer A” in the 125 class. I’ve been riding since I was four and my first bike was an Italjet 50cc. I rode it through a wall the first time I tried.

Other than that, I love riding my bike and plan on coming to watch the last supercross and the first National next year.

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