Sick Racing Supports Women In Motocross

Garret, Jelitto and Patterson in 2006

San Diego, CA ¿ February 4, 2006 ¿ Sick Racing has developed a strong relationship with women’s motocross over the past 4 years and the 2006 season will see an expansion of their support. In addition to stepping up its support of the Women’s Motocross Association, Sick Racing will be increasing its rider program. Kaite Garret (YAM #14), Lindsey Jelitto (SUZ #29) and Jessica Patterson (HON #250) will round out Sick Racing’s 2006 Pro Line-Up. Kaite Garrett and Lindsey Jelitto will lead the charge on the track while Jessica Patterson will represent Sick Racing as a spokes model for their recreational clothing line.

Garret, 20, has been racing the Women’s Motocross Association Outdoor Motocross Championships as a pro for four years. Her personality, commitment to school and strong racing career, she is an excellent representative for Sick Racing and an inspiration to young girls everywhere. Garret will be competing in the WMA 2006 Nationals.

Jelitto, 19, is coming off her best season ever. Jelitto became first Women’s Arenacross World Champion after clenching first place at Clear Channel’s Amateur Arenacross World Finalsheld at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas, Sunday, Oct. 9th, following the US Open of Supercross. Jelitto followed that up with a 7th overall in the Z1R Helmets WMA Cup presented by Hitachi, at the Cycle Ranch MX Park over Thanksgiving weekend. Jelitto’s 2006 racing plans include the Spring Classic at Lake Whitney, the 2006 AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships at Lorreta Lynn’s as well defending her title in Las Vegas come October.

As an “up’n comer” in the sport, Jelitto had many choices when it came to sponsorship for 2006. When asked about her choice, Jelitto happily responded “I chose Sick Racing because they are the most friendly and helpful people I have ever met in this industry, they have awesome gear, there casual wear is really cool and cute as well as there accessories. I just love being able to be a part of a company helping women succeed in what has traditionally been known as a man’s sport…but also looking good while doing it.”

Patterson, 22, 3-time WMA Pro Champion & 3-time AMA  Loretta Lynn’s Women’s Class Champion, touts one of the best records in women’s MX history. Patterson has been a force in women’s MX since the late nineties. Her dedication and commitment to the sport make her the perfect choice to represent Sick Racing’s recreational clothing line.

“It’s really cool to be involved with a company that’s so unique in our sport.  Sick Racing was started by three women in California that are really passionate about motocross, and they are involved in the WMA in a big way.  Their clothing is really cool too, and I’m exited to be able to help get them some more exposure.”

Patterson plans on defending her WMA title in this year’s series, and will also seek to win Loretta Lynn’s title #4 in Tennessee this August. 

“Sick Racing is a dedicated supporter of the Women’s Motocross Association and is very please provide support for such a dedicated and talented group of riders in 2006” said Shasta Johnson, President and Cofounder of Sick Racing,

Sick Racing is a proud sponsor of the Women’s Motocross Association, the 2006 Spring Classic at Lake Whitney, the 2006 AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships at Lorreta Lynn’s, the 2006 ITP Quadcross Series and Glen Helen Raceway. Look for Sick Racing at these events as well as the 2006 outdoor nationals.

About Sick Racing

Established in April of 2002, Sick Racing was formed when a group of female off-road riding enthusiasts came together to design and manufacture high quality riding gear for women.

Our state of the art designs blend comfort, style and saffety into one package. Our main focus is women’s riding gear, designed for competition and recreational riding. In addition to the riding gear, we offer related recreational apparel, including sweatshirts, tank tops, tee shirts and, soon, other accessories such as hats, socks and gear bags. Our riding gear comes in a variety of sizes including; children’s, junior, miss and plus sizes.

Sick Racing is an innovative apparel manufacturer specializing in women’s off road riding gear and related casual apparel. Sick Racing’s state of the art designs blend comfort, style and safety into one package.