Sidewinder “Smart Chain for MX/Off-Road

Sidewinder is introducing a “smart, new concept for reducing friction, drag, and horsepower loss in sealed racing chains. The idea is to provide the longest lasting, sealed-for-life chain, with very high tensile strength ratings and yet achieve the N.Z.D. (near zero drag) of an unsealed motocross-type chain. Sidewinder has achieved this goal with their new “Smart Chain. The “Smart Chain will satisfy the demands of the racer/rider seeking maximum horsepower without compromising life and durability. Here is how we did it. After a five year research program, Sidewinder engineers devised a method to impregnate O-rings with patented, temperature-sensitive synthetics taken from their “SS-51 chain lube formula. As the chain operates, it heats up. In less than a minute, the thermally sensitive “Smart Rings react to the temperature rise by triggering the release of the embedded slippery synthetic lubricant. The pressure points where the “Smart Rings are squeezed between the sideplates are instantly lubricated. The friction and drag are reduced to near zero resulting in the transmission of maximum power to the rear wheel. You go faster.

These clever, little O-rings are pretty “smart. Besides being self-lubricating, the circular, round-cross-section, O-style ring provides a much longer lasting seal than the X, D, T, and Z rings. This extended life will translate into big savings for the rider by minimizing replacement costs. The new “Smart Chain has also demonstrated a greater resistance to damage inflicted by harsh solvents, chemicals, and UV exposure. Running a “Smart Chain that delivers more power and saves you money will also prove that you are a lot smarter too. Now available from Sidewinder Racing Products in 428, 520, 525, and 530 pitch in four increasing tensile strengths from 7,000 to 16,000 lbs. Pricing begins at $109.99. For additional, detailed tech info, contact Sidewinder Products at 630-513-1000