Sidi Sport SRL and Motonation LLC acquire Set Up Racing Boots

Motonation LLC and Sidi Sport SRL are pleased to announce that they have recently completed negotiations and have acquired the worldwide assets of “Set Up Racing Boots”.

Sidi Sport SRL is the manufacturer of “Sidi” branded motorcycle boots and bicycle shoes.

Motonation LLC is the exclusive importer of Sidi motorcycle boots in the USA and a partner with Sidi Sport SRL in the development of the brand as well as select product development responsibilities.

Sidi boots are well known as a segment leader but have been reluctant to lend the Sidi brand name to products that do not completely meet their high quality standards or that are offered at lower price points as they believe that doing so cheapens the impact and value of the Sidi brand.

This belief has led Sidi and Motonation, who as a distributor of boots in the USA would like to have products at all price points, to explore other options. We considered many ideas, among them either creating a new brand entirely or acquiring an existing brand if it became available.

When Set Up Racing Boots founder Giuliano Gazzola contacted Sidi Sport SRL about an association together, the gears started to turn. Now a few months later, Motonation joined the relationship and a deal was completed!

Sidi Sport SRL will take over manufacturing coordination. Some models will be partially manufactured by Sidi; others will be built in contracted facilities outside of Italy in order to reach the targeted price points. Motonation LLC will absorb Set Up USA and will now handle distribution for the USA market offering the Set Up brand of racing boots to dealers across the USA.