Sidi to The Rescue of Sore Riders!

Motonation, the American importer of Sidi boots, hears stories from disgruntled buyers of other brands of off-road boots every week. Naturally, we solve their problems by getting them into a pair of Sidi boots, but we have begun to ask ourselves…

“What about all the guys who have bought uncomfortable boots that DON’T call us to solve their problem?”

Well, the answer to that question was simple; Motonation will just create a program that offers a way out of the pain often caused by other brands’ poor boot designs, made worse by poor customer service by their distributors.

Here is the scoop┬┐effective immediately the following program is now available:

“If a rider is uncomfortable in his/her recently purchased non-Sidi boots (our guys are all happy anyway) within 30 days of the purchase date, and he/she sends them to Motonation with a copy of his/her invoice, Motonation will then offer the rider a credit equal to 50% of the uncomfortable boots’ original purchase price to be used towards the purchase of a pair of Sidi Force or Vortex off-road boots.”

Yeah, its only a 50% credit but hey Sidi didn’t make those junky boots in the first place and we are just gonna burn them anyway…