Siebler Injures


Team Samsung/Radio Shack racer will not return until the outdoor series

Murrieta, Calif., (March 16, 2004) ¿ Promising rookie, Cole Siebler, sustained a wrist injury on Monday while riding at his team¿s practice track.  Siebler crashed on a double jump and broke the scaphoid (also known as the navicular) in his left wrist. 

¿I¿m beyond disappointed that I¿m injured again,¿ said Siebler.  ¿I was really looking forward to racing these last two East Coast rounds and getting back to the West Series.  The only bright spot is that the doctor said it¿s a clean break, so I probably won¿t need surgery and my recovery time will be shorter.¿ 

Siebler will return to racing for the outdoor series.  A more definitive prognosis will be available once he visits his orthopedist in Idaho. 

¿I just want to thank Michael Holigan and Lucky Nichols for giving me a chance on their team this year.  I¿ve learned a lot and gotten so much support from the team,¿ said Siebler. 

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