Sikspak¿New Graphic/Apparel Company

SIKSPAK ¿ 1) (In Horseshoes) when a player consecutively throws two ringers in one turn which equals six points. 2) The idea of the old west, when people lived how they wanted to, with equal respect towards all, and a six-gun to prove it. The independently, freethinking MX rider who enjoys the freedom of riding a dirt bike.

SIKSPAK was spawned from the wind-eroded hills of Ocotillo Wells. Growing up skateboarding, shaped us to rebel against conformity. We never liked the graphics kits that are just colored shapes and with only different pattern changes each year. We felt that skulls with blood, chicks and guns would look alot cooler.

Today, those who enjoy free riding in the deserts, mountains, hills, tracks, and beaches represent SIKSPAK¿s idea. It is that free flowing feeling when one is pinned in 5th gear down pole line road, shooting propane tanks with 45¿s, or something as simple as throwing a six-pack to win the horseshoe game and grab another beer. It is the modern Cowboy riding over the land without anybody telling you different.

SIKSPAK is not only a brand, it is an idea that allows people to think and be themselves again. It is the first graphics company to catch up with the times and cater to the niche crowd who wants to feel independent and not as if they were just pushed out of a cookie cutter ¿ nice and square.

The modern Cowboy¿s company has now arrived, SIKSPAK – six guns a blazing.

SIKSPAK Graphics / Apparel