Silent Sport Premium Muffler Packing is Now Available in North America

This top-quality, German-made muffler packing is used by top exhaust manufacturers, OEMs, and race teams worldwide. Benefits of using Silent Sport Premium – heat resistant to 1300 degrees F; Superior “loft” (fills nearly twice as much as other brands/types); Supreme sound dampening (so important right now with sound issues); and Longest Lasting muffler packing on the market.

Silent Sport Premium loose-fill is comes in two sizes – 250-gram (MSRP $19.95) and 450-gram (MSRP $24.95). For use in both 2-stroke and 4-stroke mufflers.

Available from Silent Sport N.A., Anaheim, CA – phone 714-630-2386. Visit us on the web at

Attached is a photo and 2-page informational flyer (that accompanies each bag). The flyer contains information on how to calculate fill quantity and how to pack/repack mufflers using Silent Sport Premium.