Skin Industries Patriotic Patronage

Skin Industries is a strong supporter of our president and the country. Son of a war veteran, company CEO Al Borda always sports an American flag outside his house even before 9/11. This is why Skin Industries is giving a 50% discount to all military personnel. It doesn¿t stop there, Skin Industries is extending this discount to Police and Firefighters as well. Skin Industries would like to give something back to the people that fight for our rights and help uphold society.

Any Military, Police or Firefighters, interested in their discount can order online at When ordering; Military personnel will need to fax in a copy of their Military ID (909-296-0518). Police and Firefighters must write in under subject line their station phone # and the order most be sent to the station. All orders will be verified before sending. This is an online discount only it does not apply at any of Skin¿s retail stores. Thank you to everyone and their support of our freedoms.