Skorbordz New LT Graphics Kit

Personalize your neck brace with Skorbordz New LT graphic kit. At Skorbordz we recognized that every brace is adjusted to fit each individual rider perfectly. The problem is, they all look the same, and how will anyone know one from the other. Skorbordz new LT graphics solves this by personalizing your brace so there are no mix-ups. Also it looks cool too!

Pick from two designs, Bar design (pick the back ground color of your choice) and Carbon Design. Each kit includes your name, number with 2 sponsor logos on the front decal, name and number on upper decal and one logo on the lower back decal. Available for both size braces.

Suggested retail…$24.99

For more info, contact:
Skorbordz/HRP Sports, P.O. Box 190
Somersworth, NH 03878
Toll free: 800 MX-BORDZ or 800-352-5525, Fax (603) 330-3766, (800-692-6739)