Smith Top Fuel Goggle



PRICE: $47.95


A couple years ago, Smith Sport Optics introduced the radical new Warp Goggle. With its space-age styling and oversized build, the goggle was loved by some and disliked by others. At TransWorld Motocross, we’re all fans of the funky Warp frame, but we have had test riders with small faces complain that the goggle is too large. That said, we were excited when we opened up a box containing Smith’s newest goggle,the Top Fuel. Designed with many of the same cosmetic and functional features as the Warp, the Top Fuel will likely replace the tried-and-true Smith Speed Goggle, which has been a mainstay at Smith for nearly a decade.


The Top Fuel has a traditional fit much like the goggle it replaces, is of medium size, and is sure to fit inside all but the smallest helmets. Like the Warp, the Top Fuel has a translucent clear-coated frame with clear outriggers that hold the goggle strap, plus a color-matched lens and Smith’s exclusive Sweatbuster anti-sweat face foam. Compared to the bland goggles your daddy grew up with, these things are pure science!

Every test rider who tried the new Top Fuel loved the fit and some found that the face foam offered a better seal than that of the Warp,especially flat-nosed editor Maeda! The Smith Sweatbuster foam starts off a little coarse, but once you break a sweat it softens up and really forms a tight seal between the goggle and your face. Unless you sweat like Andre the Giant, don’t expect to suffer any fogging problems with the Top Fuel. The tear-off system utilizes two separate clips, just like the Warp, and a Racer Pack including Roll Offs is also available for $77.95.

We’d like to see Smith incorporate tear-off posts into the actual lens and eliminate the plastic frame clips, but until then the Top Fuel is pretty darn close to perfect. The Top Fuel is available in seven different colors, all with color-matched lenses that are sure to catch the eye of your local trophy girl or iMac computer geek. This is one great goggle.

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