Smith Warpstar Goggles

PRICE: $54.95

Smith has always been known for pushing the envelope in goggle technology (think Violator) and the new Warpstar is the latest creation from the mad scientists in Idaho. Patterned after the original Warp goggle that made its debut in late ’99, the Warpstar is different in that it comes in clear candy colors, is fitted with matching tinted lenses, and boasts some of the best sweat foam available.

[IMAGE 1]For most, the Warp frame conjures up love or hate reactions. Some love the Warp’s spacey look, while others think that the strap’s outriggers give the goggle a Groucho Marx appearance. Either way, there’s no denying the superb fit and excellent range of vision offered by the radical-looking frame. Only riders with pea-sized heads will have trouble fitting the large frame in their helmets.

Ever since Apple introduced its line of candy colored i-Mac computers, it seems like everything is turning up in see-through colors¿CD players, televisions, telephones and now goggles! Warpstars come in red, green, blue, clear and yellow, each with a matching tinted lens. Surprisingly, each of the tints are quite pleasant to look through¿even the unheard of red and green!

The best technical feature of the Warpstars, of course, is the sweat foam. Smith has always been known for its excellent dual-layer sweat foam, which does a great job of keeping sweat from dripping down into the riders’ eyes. Our only gripe with the original Warp was that the standard single-density foam was too easy to sweat out. Ask and ye shall receive. Problem solved!

The Smith Warpstar Goggle works as good as it looks.
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