Something’s up at Twenty20… What’s a wearable Camcorder?

A familiar name in Helmet Cameras, Twenty20 has been around for three years talking up their uniquely designed Helmet Cam. Their 2007 Helmet Camera was a top seller last Christmas and they continue to be popular because of their longer battery life and smaller size. But this all looks like it’s about to change…

The front of their website has a series of images, and some very leading text, that hints very strongly at an all-in-one camera. In fact they seemed to have coined a new phrase “wearable camcorder which if taken literally suggests that what their about to announce can shoot and store video in one package.

Details and images are fuzzy to say the least, but if they can put good video in the palm of our hand, and make it easy, then I’m guessing we’re going to see a lot more people shooting video on the trails and in the parks very soon.

Check out for now, they have a pretty cool preview site up that gives you a “Making the Video look and what they’re working on. We’ll give you more details, and maybe a sneak peak, as this new unit develops.