Speed, Style, & Good Times | The Fasthouse

It seems like everyone is trying to capture the look and feel of days gone by, but few have the history to make modern day motocross few like the sport’s dusty days. It takes being in the right places at the right times, a first-hand look at the iconic moments that are relived for years to come, and the passion to share every detail.

If there is one person who fits these requirements, it’s Kenny Alexander. Born and raised in motorcycle racing, he rose through the ranks of amateur flat track racing before becoming a stuntman, and then founding the iconic Red Bull A Day in the Dirt holiday race through his project dubbed The Fasthouse. After a months of archiving and building, the project’s all-new website was recently pushed live. We could pour on for hours about the memorabilia displayed, such as Magoo’s helmet, the stories shared by legends, and the impressive storefront, but you need to see for yourself.

For more, visit thefasthouse.com. We recommend you clear a few hours of weekend…