SponsorHouse Exposes Top Up and Coming Amateurs at Loretta Lynn’s

Top non-factory supported riders get the ultimate in exposure and recognition

Oceanside, CA (8/12/05) – SponsorHouse.com introduced a new twist to this year’s 24th Annual Air Nautiques AMA Amateur National Championships by offering a special reward for select up and coming amateurs. The goal…to showcase the highly talented, yet under represented riders who finished well at this year’s national.

In its 'Rider Spotlight of the Day' format, team managers, families, and others were asked to nominate riders who finished up front with little to no support outside of family and friends. After nominations were tallied a rider was selected each day and announced on the nightly radio show hosted by Kevin Kelly and Jason Wiegandt. The reward for this prestigious honor included:

  • Premium Service account on SponsorHouse.com
  • 1 Week Camp at Millsaps Training Facility in Cairo, Georgia
  • Feature in MotoPlayground Magazine
  • Help from SponsorHouse to locate any additional support they might need

"Just making it to Loretta's is such a huge accomplishment in today's era of amateur racing," said Scott Tilton, CEO of SponsorHouse. "It's the best of the best and finishing well there is a huge step to receiving the support and exposure a rider needs to get closer to entering the professional ranks of motocross. Last year we noticed quite a few riders who ran up front all week, but were relatively unknown by most of industry and more importantly, were doing it all on their own without the support of the major manufacturers. This year SponsorHouse wanted to make sure those riders left with the exposure and recognition they deserved."

Riders selected for this year’s SponsorHouse Rider Spotlight.

Tuesday: Alex Martin (Millville, MN) Supermini – 5th Place Moto 1 (5th Overall)
Wednesday: Dylan Cox (Whitesville, KY) – 85 7-11 – 5th Place Moto 1 (9th Overall)
Thursday: William Greg Duffy (Churchton, MD) – 125 B Stock – 3rd Place Moto 2 (2nd Overall)
Friday: Mark Graddy (Farmington, NM) – 250 B Mod – 6th Place (6th Overall)
Saturday: Jase Lewis (Carrollton, GA) – 250 B Stock – 1st Place Moto 3 (National Champion)

For more information on the riders selected, please visit www.sponsorhouse.com, view the ‘Find Members’ link and search for their name to view their online profile.

SponsorHouse would like to congratulate the riders selected this year and is looking forward to helping all riders further their racing careers. Special thanks goes out to MX Sports, MTF (Millsaps Training Facility), Moto Playground Magazine, and everyone who participated in helping to nominate and select the riders for this year’s Rider Spotlight.

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