SponsorHouse.com Links More Athletes and Sponsors with New Community-Based Platform

OCEANSIDE, Calif.– Nov. 01, 2006– SponsorHouse, the largest online community of athletes and brands in motorsports, action sports and cycling, today announced the launch of its completely redesigned technology platform.

Since 2001, SponsorHouse has been revolutionizing the way athletes and sponsors connect and interact. By allowing athletes to post profiles highlighting their accomplishments and sponsorship needs, SponsorHouse streamlines the matching process. Sponsors are able to sort and view 80,000 profiles in their quest for amateur and professional athletes to represent their brand.

The powerful software upgrade — designed to introduce a more feature-rich user experience, faster functionality, and enhanced community interactions — marks the first major reconstruction of the community since its launch in 2001. The new platform integrates feedback from athletes, teams, and sponsors offering the only sponsorship and networking site dedicated to athletes.

“As former athletes, with decades of industry experience, we know how difficult it is for athletes and sponsors to communicate, says Scott Tilton, CEO of SponsorHouse, “This upgrade is a significant evolution for the platform and the sports marketing industry. It further empowers athletes, giving them a place to connect and interact with sponsors.

The upgrade boasts notable changes in member features, including:

  • Increased free sponsorship services for athletes and teams
  • “Drag and Drop profile builder allowing members to build more unique profiles, manage blogs, add new personalized content, and upload photos and videos
  • Simplified user interface with network building tools to connect more fans, brands, events, places, media and sanctioners including comment posting and rating systems
  • New website builder for athletes to develop their own websites utilizing our sponsorship and marketing features with their own domain name

Professional and amateur athletes alike will benefit from the wealth of new features. The addition of more customizable profiling options and enhanced community interaction tools will allow athletes to interact with more brands, events, places, and media. “I use SponsorHouse to stay in touch with sponsors and fans wherever I am in the world, U.S. Olympic and World Champion downhill skier Daron Rahlves points out. “This new version makes it easier than ever.

For more information, please visit http://www.sponsorhouse.com

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About SponsorHouse
About SponsorHouse SponsorHouse is the largest online community of athletes and brands in motorsports, action sports and cycling. SponsorHouse provides a much needed avenue for athletes to connect and interact with sponsors, friends, fans, and media. Based in Oceanside, CA, SponsorHouse has grown to 80,000 athletes and 500 sponsors resulting in over 300,000 deals since 2001. More information can be found at http://www.sponsorhouse.com.