Welcome to Monday Kickstart, Easter weekend style! With no race this weekend, racers, mechanics, and team members used the break in the Monster Energy Supercross Series to spend time with loved ones, relax, and regroup. Plenty of riders spent last week shaking the cobwebs off their outdoor motocross skills and getting some preliminary settings on their machines for this summer’s MX Nationals. James Stewart was seen spinning last at both Glen Helen and Lake Elsinore, and our friend Randy Roberts put together this cool video…

How did the stars of our sport spend Easter Sunday? A quick flip through out Instagram (@twmxdotcom) feed revealed these gems…

Chad and Ellie Reed surprised Tate with his first motorcycle. And yes, this is the coolest photo of the weekend!

Robbie Maddisson had an Easter Egg hunt of massive proportions for Kruz and company.

Christian Craig had his hands full.

Davi and Britney Millsaps took Dane to see the Easter Bunny…and he wasn’t pumped!

Nico Izzi spun some much-needed laps on his Rockstar Energy Racing Suzuki!

Sean Hamblin did his hair.

Adam Jones and his buddy went hunting for the pigeons who poop on his house….

Kenny Roczen got an Easter basket!

On Saturday, our Online Editor Michael Antonovich married his girl, Megan Roberts. Congrats, Anton!

Keep clicking away because even though there was no race, this Monday’s Kickstart is still jam-packed with lots of great stuff. In the following pages you’ll see what Justin Bogle and Nate Adams have been up to, plus hear from Nick Wey and the entire Troy Lee Honda team, as the @swapmoto photo studio was a busy place last week…



By Brendan Lutes
It has been said time and again, but motocross is dangerous and injuries are a loathed part of the sport. And for GEICO Honda's Justin Bogle, he has had his fair share of injuries recently beginning with a broken hand and wrist in October. Then after just having returned to riding, he crashed while preparing for Supercross, breaking his other wrist and forcing him off the bike for another three months. With it all behind him, he has now returned to riding, and has been putting in a lot of work to prepare for the upcoming outdoor season.

Justin Bogle is back riding and preparing for the outdoors. And…he has a pretty sweet ‘stache.

It has been a while since we've caught up with you. Take us back to how you got injured.
I broke my hand and wrist during practice at the TransWorld Slam last year. I took about a month off for that, and then when I got back I had another crash and broke my right wrist and had some issues with my left. That took me off the bike for about two or three months, and I just got back on the bike a couple days ago. It's going well; I'm just trying to get some testing done and get ready for outdoors.

Wrist injuries can be difficult to come back from. How has it been for you?
Luckily I got hooked up with Jeff Brewer from Allsport Dynamics wrist braces and that is helping me out a lot—there is no way I could be riding right now without them. That has been a huge help along with my trainer Ryan Fedorow and Doctor G helping with the physical therapy part of it all. It's coming along, but obviously it's a little sore—I didn't break a good bone—so it's just one of those things that I have to deal with.

What went through your mind when you just got back from an injury and then got hurt again?
Obviously, it was a huge bummer. I had a few days on the Supercross track and was starting to feel better each time and get more confidence. It happened right before Supercross started, so there was no way that I could get healed and still be ready to race in time. I was hoping for a championship run this year too, so it was a bummer. At the same time, though, I stayed busy. I basically just trained my butt off every day with my trainer and didn't have any time to worry about it and sulk. I just stayed focused on the goal and the goal switched to outdoors.

Bogle says that he has been working hard on his fitness while he was off the bike.

How does it feel to finally be back on the bike?
Amazing. It's so awesome. You can get to where you almost take it for granted a little bit. Then when you can't ride for a few months, it just sucks the entire time. It's awesome to come back, kind of put things into perspective a little bit, and just enjoy riding my dirt bike. It's good, and like I said, I'm just trying to test and train as hard as I can to get ready for outdoors. I want to try to come out swinging there.

Your trainer Fedorow is a big road bicycle rider. Were you into road riding before you started training with him?
Not as much as I am now. He's a beast on all things bicycle related, so he definitely got me into it, and I'm trying to work on getting up there better, but it's good for training.

How is your speed on the moto bike right now?
My speed is alright. It has been about three months—a little longer than that actually if you factor in the first injury and the fact that I only rode for a few weeks between the two injuries. For all things considered, it's pretty good. Obviously, I'm a little off of where I need to be or where I'm going to be, but it's not too bad.

Bogle attributes being able to ride as soon as he has been to his Allsport Dynamics wrist braces.

This is your second full outdoor season. What have you learned from last year that you're going to work on for this year?
I feel like my fitness and all that wasn't where it needed to be. I came out and had a few good races in 2011, and then in 2012, I was injured for a little over half the series. When I came back, I had only been on the bike for a couple of weeks and I wasn't prepared. I think fitness is the main thing. As long as I can continue to ride and stay healthy, everything will be good. Like I said, I've been putting in the work, so everything is going to go a lot better.

With that being said, what are your expectations for the outdoor season?
It's a few months out and I still have work to do, but I definitely want to be a podium guy every weekend and get some wins. I think that's where I need to be, and where I should be at this point. I'm putting in the work, so everything else will come.


Ahead Of The Class – Adam Cianciarulo Prepares For Hangtown

Hangtown is just around the corner, and with the possibility of graduating early, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo is feeling up to the task if he gets called up into the pro ranks. We spotted Cianciarulo at Milestone MX earlier last week, and shot some photos of the fast rookie.




Troy Lee Designs Honda rider Jessy Nelson has had some ups and downs in his rookie SX season, but he’s looking forward to his second full 250 National MX series…


He hasn’t won a West Coast 250 SX main event this far in 2013, but Cole Seely has three chances left…


The West Coast 250 SX Series is almost over, and Christian Craig is looking forward to getting back on a CRF450R for the Nationals!


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Nick Wey on the race track, but the Mafia MC President is back on a bike after breaking his back at last summer’s Millville MX…

Confidence – Catching Up With PJ Larsen

By Jordan Powell

When PJ Larsen left Australia as the Supercross Lites champion in 2010, he was feeling confident, and at the top of his game when he lined up in Houston a few short months later. He was feeling great, the bike was great, and everything was clicking as he consistently put in top lap-times in his practice session. Unfortunately, a crash in the main event resulted with a broken wrist. What PJ didn't know, though, was that one crash would send his career into a downward plunge for the next couple of years. PJ made his return for the outdoors, and two races later he broke his neck at Unadilla. Once he healed up from that, he broke his hand going into Anaheim I in 2012. "I never really bounced back from that. My confidence was pretty low at that point, and it was taking longer to get back to where I was," said Larsen.

Now, PJ is starting to regain his confidence, regain his strength, and regain his love for motocross. As the newest rider on the Eleven 10 Mods/Yamaha/Renagade Fuels team, Larsen is ready to get back to where he was, and show everyone that he stills has what it takes.

With Alex Martin out due to injury, PJ Larsen got the call from Eleven 10 Mod’s Chad Sanner to fill-in. PJ couldn’t be any happier…

How has the Supercross season been going for you? You made a bike change halfway through, right?

I think we were a little more than halfway through, actually. I missed the first two East Coast rounds, and then Chad Sanner from Eleven 10 Mods called me up to see if I could fill in for Alex Martin. So, I jumped on the opportunity right before St. Louis, and now we're just winging it!

How has it been going?

I think everything has been going really well. I know that my results definitely aren't where they should be, but given that I hopped onto a bike that I've never ridden before, it's been pretty good. I've been trying to line up some things so that I can get a practice bike for out here in California, and hopefully I can get that done before Houston. If I'm able to do that, I'll actually be a little prepared going into that race, and I haven't been able to do that in quite a while. So, that would be great.

Larsen made his Eleven 10 Mods debut at St. Louis, and walked away with a 10th place finish. Photo by Jeff Kardas

Ever since you won the Australian Lites Championship in 2010, it seems like you've been having your fair share of ups and downs since you came back to the States. What's been going on?

Well, in 2011 I came out swinging in Houston, and I felt really good on my bike. I was fast in practice, but then I got into a little incident in which broke my wrist. After riding the first five Supercross races with a broken wrist, I finally decided that I couldn't be under that amount of pain anymore, and I ended up having surgery to repair the damage. Everything kind of seemed to go downhill from there. I came back towards the end of the outdoors; I raced Millville, and then a crash at Unadilla left me with some cracked vertebra in my neck. Once again, I was back on the sidelines. I started to feel good coming into the 2012 season, and then a week before Anaheim I, I broke my hand in a practice crash.

I never really bounced back from that. My confidence was pretty low at that point, and it was taking longer to get back to where I was. So, I started to slowly race myself back into shape, and try to regain some of that confidence. And then bad luck struck again in Toronto, and I blew out my knee; which took me out for another five months. I tried to regroup after that, and I did a few outdoor races on a KTM 350SX-F. So, it's been a rough couple of years, and a lot of doctor bills. I don't think my insurance company likes me, but it is what it is [laughs].

In those couple of years, you've had some great rides, and you've also had to hit the road on your own. Has that been frustrating at times, or is that motivating?

You know, it's been fun. It's definitely been a change, and there have been a lot of ups and downs. I've learned some things by doing it on my own, but luckily Don at Rocket Exhaust has helped me out along the way. Now, Chad Sanner at Eleven 10 Mods/Yamaha/Renegade Fuels has been helping me out, and they're just a great group of guys to be around. Luckily for me, they like to keep motocross racing fun, and not treat it like a job. That's refreshing. So, I'm working hard and I'm trying to get back to where I was. It's taking a little bit of time, but I'm excited about the people I have to support me.

Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Expanded To Northern California

Photos by Todd Gutierrez

Saturday marked our expansion of the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series to Northern California and we must say that we were well-received in San Jose. Racers came to 408MX in droves despite overcast skies that looked ready to burst at any moment but held off to get all motos in. Though this is a biased opinion, you should really check out a stop of either the Northern or Southern California series when one is in your area and see why it is becoming such a success.

Heading north has been months in the making, but once the gates opened on Saturday morning, all of the work was made worthwhile. NorCal, thank you for the warm welcome and exciting action.

The NorCal Race Awards are specially designed to be set apart from the red trophies handed out in the South. Your garage needs these.

Yamaha, the official motorcycle manufacturer of the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series, carried their presence north as well and lined up a collection of their bikes for all to see. Those that purchase a brand-new Yamaha in SoCal are given numerous benefits, including free Saturday practice, for the SoCal series.

The racers at 408MX did their best to dial in the fast-paced and flowing circuit. Located in the middle of the San Jose County Fairgrounds, it is favorite venue of all in the area.

According to many people we talked with, the turnout for the first-ever Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series event was higher than the typical races at the venue. Thank you to all that made our first of many visits a success.

Check out the full report by Todd Gutierrez at http://motocross.transworld.net/1000145909/features/muscle-milk-twmx-race-series-nor-cal-spring-cup-2013-408mx/