SPY Optic Omen Happy Lens Goggle | Product Report

SPY Omen Happy Lens Goggle

SPY Optic Omen Happy Lens Goggle | Product Report

SPY Optic Omen MX Goggles
PRICE: $79.95 and up ($94.95 shown here)


How do you separate your products from the competition in a market as fierce as motocross eyewear? Almost every pair of goggles is crafted to a similar shape, all to protect your eyes from oncoming debris, and it's on the brand to give their product a touch or feature that stands out from the rest. SPY Optic has mastered this matter in their twenty or so years in the sport, and the inclusion of the Happy Lens to their Omen MX offering continues the trend. By using SPY's UV and color enhancing technologies, the unique Happy Lens gives riders the same experience they've come to expect from casual sunglasses to a motocross goggle. Putting this into effect with the Omen was a no-brainer, since its flexible frame, Isotron face foam, and patented Rise ventilation system make it SPY's premier offering.


– Even though this has no effect on the performance of the goggle, it's hard to beat the appearance of a SPY product. Intricate designs, bright colors, and a solid design are the eye-catching elements that have made SPY products some of the most recognizable in the sport.

– SPY has figured out how a motocross goggle should fit with the Omen. The frame fits into every helmet we could get our hands on and spreads pressure across our faces without being tight or distracting. The Isotron quad foam is soft and comfortable, and the Dri-Force fleece layer keeps moisture from being an issue.

– The Happy Lens performs just as advertised. Since the color of dirt at most motocross tracks is bright and flat, it's difficult to tell where the bumps and rocks may lay. The UV and color enhancing characteristics of the Happy Lens brings almost every element out of the soil better than other tinted lenses we've used in the past.

– A removable nose guard and spare clear lens are included in every box, and SPY offers a number of additional parts (lens, laminated tearoffs, complete roll-off systems) at a reasonable price.


– The price for high-end goggles has skyrocketed in recent years, and the Omen is no different. The model shown in pictures, complete with the Happy Lens, retails just shy of a hundred dollars.

– We recommend you handle the lens with care, as we've learned some UV lens can be fragile and prone to scratching.


If you're in the market for new goggles, the Omen is more than worthy of looking at. And with some of the rad designs offered by SPY, how could you miss it? We've turned plenty of laps in our pairs, and have been impressed each time at the definition and clarity the Happy Lens provides. If you've become biased to a certain brand in the past due to the fit or function, know that the Omen is able the same feel to the table and try a pair out.