SPY PHOTOS! 2003 Suzuki RMF250 and Kawasaki KXF250

Thanks to our international network of TWMX spies, we’ve managed to get a hold of photos of a Suzuki RMF250 works bike and the Kawasaki version in action on a secret test track in Japan. Because our photo hound was using a super-discreet belt-buckle digital camera, the action shot isn’t exactly up to GuyB’s digi standards, but it should be enough to satisfy anxious KX fans for a little while.


Several weeks ago, Kawasaki and Suzuki issued a press release that announced the scheduled September arrival of both machines. Developed and produced by Kawasaki, the 250cc four-stroke motocross bike will also be marketed in yellow trim by Suzuki. We actually spotted the bike in action a couple months ago at a SoCal test track (decked out in incognito blue plastic), but are ashamed to admit that we were unprepared and without cameras.


Both manufacturers will contest the All Japan National Championship Motocross Series with the new thumper, but don’t expect the bike to show up at any of this year’s Stateside AMA 125cc Nationals. Instead, look for production versions of the bike to hit dealership floors towards the end of the year. The works Suzuki pictured sports factory Showa suspension, but both the Kawasaki and Suzuki production bikes are scheduled to come equipped with Kayaba components. In spite of its yellow plastic, the bike maintains a definite Kawasaki KX look, thanks to its steel perimeter frame design. That’s all we can report for now, but stay tuned for more details about both bikes as we learn more…