Stanton / Emig / Bevo / Weigandt / Ryan Clark on DMXS Tonight

Those that have supported the show since our humble beginnings some six years ago know how much we admire those riders and industry pioneers that came before us. We all stand on their backs today so it’s always an honor to hear from some of the heroes from the past. Jeff Stanton is universally respected in the pits and for good reason. The six time AMA Motocross and Supercross Champion has been a stellar role model for the younger generation of riders that pass through his tutorship at Team Honda. The once fierce competitor on the track in the 1980’s and 1990’s has made his presence felt in a different way while working with some the sports greatest riders a generation later. We look forward to catching up with one of our childhood heroes.

In the McGrath era of our sport, there were a few underdogs that garnered the love and respect of the fans. Jeff Emig with his disarming smile and accommodating personality were a perfect combination for the Fro Faithful. Jeff won three outdoor titles, but the icing on the cake was his 1997 AMA Supercross Championship. The outdoors came much easier to Jeff, but he put in the work to add the allusive SX #1 plate to his resume. Jeff has long since retired but he is never far from the sport and will join us tonight.

Bevo is still on cloud nine after his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers won the Superbowl. The King of Goggles is always busy, but seems to find time for his friends at DMXS. He hates when Hannah and Larry Maiers get more air time then him. Not many people know this but Bevo is quite the entrepreneur and just missed out on millions when his search engine “Goggle” launched very near to the know well-known “Google.” After many lawsuits later, it turns out Bevo will be around the sport a lot longer. Sorry, Bevo. You still have your Steelers.

I was informed by Jason Weigandt’s attorney that he will be writing his own portion of our press releases, effective immediately. So this was just sent over by his marketing team. “Jason Weigandt is like our favorite pair of slippers. No matter how long it’s been since he was on the show last, he just feels right. Actually, he is like our favorite pair of jeans. He’s snug and tight and makes our butt look great. We understand that Jason is a corporate juggernaut, and his time is very precious, so we are very honored that he was able to juggle his schedule and fit us in. Since Jason is such an integral part of our sport, we will cover a lot of bases but will certainly include the great job his has been doing on the webcast and press conferences. Again, it our privilege to welcome Jason Weigandt on the show this evening.” Well said, guys.

Wonder Warthog Racing welcomes on Ryan Clark and Chris Blose on as the Most Improved Privateers from Detroit. Ryan has been doing great this year and we are super stoked for his team. Remember to check out for the latest auctions to help the privateers.

The Las Vegas SUPERPASS auction for Asterisk Mobile Medical Center is up, so keep a watch out for details on this once in a lifetime Las Vegas Supercross experience. That entire organization is amazing and anything we can do as fans to give back will be greatly appreciated.

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