Starts Deny Swanepoel At Italian MX GP

Scorching weather conditions have tested riders at the re-scheduled 10th round of the Motocross world championships held in Faenza, Italy. Molson Kawasaki’s Gareth Swanepoel carried good speed throughout the weekend but two bad starts let the South African down in his quest for bridging the gap in the MX2 championship table.

Rolling onto the start line for moto 1, it was imperative for ‘Swanie’ to get a good jump however he missed his opportunity and was boxed in going into the first turn chicane. With his tear-offs spent on the first lap Swanepoel had to find his rhythm with impaired vision, nevertheless he gradually moved up through the field. Coming from outside the top twenty he picked up his pace in the latter half of the grueling 35 min moto and broke into the top ten with four laps to go. He shut down a group of riders in front but ran out of time to clinch any last minute positions.

Swanepoel suffered another bad start in the second moto and after being plastered head to toe with Italian mud, he was able to settle and make progress from the back of the pack once again. After another grueling race in 35°C conditions he finally crossed the finish line in 11th.

“I messed up both starts today and that cost me. This wasn’t the easiest track to pass on and in both motos I had to come from the back. I’m disappointed with the result even though my speed was good and I could finish off well in the heat. said Swanepoel.

There will be a much appreciated week’s gap before the magnificent Loket circuit will host round 11 on the 29 July.

Race results:

MX2 Race 1

1 Cairoli, Antonio ITA Yamaha

2 Pourcel, Christophe FRA Kawasaki

3 Rattray, Tyla RSA KTM

4 Aubin, Nicolas FRA Yamaha

5 Leuret, Pascal FRA Honda

6 Musquin, Marvin FRA Kawasaki

7 Goncalves, Rui POR KTM

8 Schiffer, Marcus GER KTM

9 Dougan, Jason GBR Suzuki

10 Swanepoel, Gareth RSA Kawasaki

11 Searle, Tommy GBR KTM

12 Boissiere, Anthony FRA Kawasaki

13 Seistola, Matti FIN Honda

14 Nunn, Carl GBR Yamaha

15 Boog, Xavier FRA Yamaha

MX2 Race 2

1 Pourcel, Christophe FRA Kawasaki

2 Cairoli, Antonio ITA Yamaha

3 Rattray, Tyla RSA KTM

4 Leuret, Pascal FRA Honda

5 Searle, Tommy GBR KTM

6 Guarneri, Davide ITA Yamaha

7 Seistola, Matti FIN Honda

8 Goncalves, Rui POR KTM

9 Boog, Xavier FRA Yamaha

10 Schiffer, Marcus GER KTM

11 Swanepoel, Gareth RSA Kawasaki

12 Gundersen, Kenneth NOR Yamaha

13 Paulin, Gautier FRA Honda

14 Tarroux, Jeremy FRA KTM

15 Boissiere, Anthony FRA Kawasaki

MX2 World championship standings:

1 Cairoli, A. ITA 486

2 Pourcel, C. FRA 384

3 Rattray, Tyla RSA 358

4 Searle, Tommy GBR 311

5 Leuret, Pascal FRA 304

6 Swanepoel, G. RSA 245

7 Aubin, Nicolas FRA 215

8 Gundersen, K. NOR 197

9 Seistola, M. FIN 182

10 Boissiere, A. FRA 161

11 Schiffer, M. GER 152

12 Nunn, Carl GBR 143

13 Guarneri, D. ITA 136

14 Boog, Xavier FRA 117

15 Goncalves, Rui POR 108