Stealth ¿G5¿ Tri-Metal Racing Sprockets

Stealth-America introduces the all-new Stealth Generation V, Tri-Metal Racing Sprocket.  This wild design is a huge engineering leap never before attempted in the realm of sprocket technology.  Protected by international patents, this precision crafted, Tri-Metal Composite Stealth incorporates Titanium, Tool Steel, and Aircraft Alloy providing an unequaled combination of light weight, the longest possible service life and virtual indestructibility.  Stealth becomes the final answer for the motocross racer or off-road rider that wants the best of all worlds:  Light weight and life.  Stealth is the perfect choice for GNCC, MX, BAJA and Enduro competition.  Motocross racers no longer have to put up with the short lifespan of an all-aluminum sprocket or the excessively heavy weight of a solid steel sprocket. 


Over four years of research, design and testing have yielded a fifth generation (G5) Stealth motorcycle sprocket that is nearly impossible to destroy.  Stealth-America backs up that claim with an unheard of 100% Lifetime Guarantee against breakage.  The unique bi-color contrast of the gold inner core, circled by the deep-black ring of steel teeth, is maximum eye-candy for any machine.  It screams hi-tech, strength and cool. 

Stealth is absolutely the lightest Motorcycle sprocket made today in its price/performance category and is available for most Motorcycle models from minis to monsters at a very attractive price point compared to all aluminum or solid steel sprockets.  Retail prices begin at $89.99.  To order or make technical inquires contact Stealth-America at the options below.

Stealth-America is also aggressively pursuing a strong US/Canadian/South American/Mexican dealer network.  All interested parties should immediately contact Stealth-America at 630-584-8666.  Web site  Send email to  Racers seeking support contact  For inquires outside North and South America, contact