Stefan Everts

Stefan Everts is the 500cc World Champion

TransWorld Motocross: What did you think about Hawkstone today? I know that you’ve been here before, so what do you think about the track today?

Stefan Everts: Finally we have a nice day. For the first time in three years we have a nice day and unfortunately they had rain the last few days and that made the track really heavy, especially in the morning. The track was really, really heavy for the bike, but fortunately the racing is a little less because the passing was really difficult, but everything else was ok. It’s been really good training today and the result was there finally after so many years.

TWMX: What do you consider Hawkstone to be, I mean, it’s not a must, it’s something you do before the GP season starts, do you consider this practice or extra training?

SE: Well, it gives us a chance to have some more experience with the new bike, to try out some new things, to try and see how the bike’s reaction is in a race, because that is always so different from just a testing day out one day. At a race you ride at a different level, and I always like that so the last three years we’ve had Hawkstone on the schedule and I think also it is important for me to come to England because I have a lot of fans because I’ve done the British Championship in ’96 and back then I gained a lot of fans and now we don’t have any GP anymore so this is the only chance for me to come over to England and do a race.

TWMX: We all know that the GP round this year has been cancelled, so I imagine you are a bit disappointed but Dorna is quitting, so what do you think about that?

SE: Well, I think that’s a really good thing, hopefully now they will care or do things the proper way. I think what Dorna has been doing hasn’t been bad but for organizers, you know, the level’s been too high, they pay too much money to Dorna, give all the space of the track to Dorna’s sponsors, the tickets get to be so expensive for people, there’s only one race. Hopefully now they will make some changes again, but some good changes and some proper changes.

TWMX: Before we let you go, who do you think is going to be your biggest competition in the GP season?

SE: Well, at the moment everybody thinks Pichon, Gundersen is giving some good impressions, but he didn’t finish the races today, Crockard’s been doing not so bad, Smets, Marnicq is feeling better, just the top riders, you never know, you know? At the moment I feel really good with the new bike, and I feel I can go to my edge and push it to the far edge like I used to do with my Honda bike and with this new Yamaha it’s the same feeling that I have, so, I just expect everybody really hard or really fast and that’s on my mind when I do my training during the week. I have to work a little bit more to be stronger in the race (laughs).

TWMX: you definitely looked good out there today, so thank you, have a very good season, and have a safe flight back home.

SE: Thanks, I’ll see you around.