Steffi Laier And KTM Wrap Up WML Pro Championship

KTM’s own Steffi Laier swept the competition with perfect 1-1 moto scores at the final round of the Women’s Motocross League at Steel City, PA wrapping up the 2003 WML Championship by going undefeated for the entire season with a perfect score of 12 moto wins. This accomplishment has never before been achieved in the 11-year history of the WML and speaks to the overwhelming skill and ability of the 18-year-old German rider.

Riding a stock KTM 125 SX throughout the season, 2003 marked the first year Steffi ever competed in the entire WML series. As for future goals, Steffi has listed qualifying for a 125cc Outdoor National Motocross main as top on her priority list.

KTM North America, Inc Amateur Racing Support Mgr Sel Narayana commented, “It’s been a pleasure working with Steffi and her dad, Hubert. They make a great team. She is a fantastic young lady with a tremendous amount of riding potential. She has set some pretty serious goals for herself. We look forward to working with her to achieve those in the future.