Stewart and Carmichael take Hangtown by storm!

Packed to the grassy tops of its hills with more than 20,000 central California motocross fans, Round Two of the 2002 AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championship picked up atop the podium right were Round One left off with Honda’s Ricky Carmichael and Kawasaki’s James Stewart capturing overall wins in the 250cc and 125cc classes, respectively.

Ed Santin of the Dirt Diggers North Motorcycle Club and National Promoter’s Group (NPG) member was happy with the fan turnout, despite the threat (and eventual arrival) of some very heavy rains.

“The Dirt Diggers North Motorcycle Club worked very hard during the off season to make the improvements necessary to the Hangtown track and SVRA Park in order to properly cater to the rapidly growing fan base of the great sport of motocross,” said Santin. “The images alone from this event will show our industry the great amount of effort that our club put into making what we feel is the best outdoor event on the schedule.

“And, despite the rain, we hope the thousands of loyal fans that braved the harsh conditions enjoyed the race as much as we enjoyed putting it on.”

The biggest smiles of the day were worn by Carmichael and Stewart. Beginning with the 250 class, after winning the first moto in dominating fashion, Carmichael found himself playing catch up in the second moto after a poor start. From 15th place on the first lap, Carmichael worked himself up into the fourth position, eventually passing friend and fellow Floridian Tim Ferry (Yamaha) at about the mid race mark for the lead. It would be a lead that Carmichael would never relinquish as he kept him perfect moto record on the season intact (4-0).

“There are some people that say I can’t ride in the mud,” said Carmichael with a smirk. “I’ve had good mud races and I’ve had bad mud races. This was a good one.”

Joining Carmichael on the podium were two Yamaha riders, David Vuillemin (2nd) and Ferry (3rd).

In the 125 class, 16-year-old rookie sensation James Stewart (Kawasaki) checked out early in the first race, distancing himself from the rest of the pack in absolute dominant fashion. When the clouds opened up before the start of the second moto, Stewart was equally as prepared and brought the KX 125 from fourth place to the lead in a matter of several laps, en route to a 1-1 finish and overall win in the two moto format.

“In that second moto I was just thinking about last summer, how it rained in at home in Florida for days and days,” recalled Stewart. “It got to the point where I didn’t even want to go out and ride, but my dad (James Sr.) made me and now I see why. I was able to think back on those days training in the mud and rain and apply it here at Hangtown.”

Stewart was again joined on the podium by his international adversaries, Grant Langston (S. Africa/KTM) and Chad Reed (Australia/Yamaha), who finished in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

The Outdoor Nationals make its next stop on Sunday, May 26th, at the SoBe/High Point Motocross National in Mt. Morris, Pa.

125cc Event Standings

1. James Stewart JR (KAW), 1/1

2. Chad Reed (YAM), 3/4

3. Grant Langston (KTM), 2/6

4. Danny Smith (SUZ), 7/2

5. Branden Jessman (SUZ), 8/3

6. Michael Brown (KAW), 4/8

7. Ernesto Fonseca (HON), 5/11

8. Bobby Bonds (KAW), 11/10

9. Buddy Antunez (SUZ), 6/15

10. Matt Walker (KAW), 12/13

11. Kelly Smith (YAM), 35/5

12. Damon Huffman (SUZ), 17/9

13. Eric Sorby (KAW), 20/7

14. Michael Byrne (HON), 18/12

15. Ivan Tedesco (YAM), 9/29

16. Travis Preston (HON), 10/26

17. Rodrig Thain (YAM), 16/16

18. Josh Woods (SUZ), 13/23

19. Tyson Hadsell (YAM), 21/14

20. Christopher Gosselaar (HON), 14/30

250cc Event Standings

1. Ricky Carmichael (HON), 1/1

2. David Vuillemin (YAM), 3/2

3. Timmy Ferry (YAM), 2/3

4. Sebastien Tortelli (HON), 4/5

5. Ezra Lusk (KAW), 7/4

6. John Dowd (KTM), 9/6

7. Sean Hamblin (SUZ), 6/9

8. Kyle Lewis (HON), 8/8

9. Paul Carpenter (HON), 11/7

10. Robbie Reynard (HHON), 5/14

11. Daryl Hurley (SUZ), 10/10

12. Darcy Lange (KAW), 14/11

13. Dustin Nelson (YAM), 13/15

14. Heath Voss (HON), 18/12

15. Nathan Woods (YAM), 15/16

16. Craig Decker (YAM), 12/36

17. Guy Cooper (KTM), 36/13

18. Ryan Clark (YAM), 16/23

19. Robbie Skaggs (YAM), 26/17

20. James Polvolny JR. (HON), 17/40

Overall Point Standings 125cc

1. James Stewart JR (KAW), 97

2. Grant Langston (KTM), 77

3. Chad Reed (YAM), 75

4. Danny Smith (SUZ), 68

5. Michael Brown (KAW), 67

6. Ernesto Fonseca (HON), 54

7. Matt Walker (KAW), 48

8. Bobby Bonds (KAW), 43

9. Damon Huffman (SUZ), 40

10. Branden Jessman (SUZ), 37

11. Travis Preston (HON), 29

12. Eric Sorby (KAW), 27

13. Michael Byrne (HON), 26

14. Ivan Tedesco (YAM), 22

15. Buddy Antunez (SUZ), 21

16. Brock Sellards (KTM), 18

17. Kelly Smith (YAM), 16

18. Christopher Gosselaar (HON), 14

19. David Pingree (KTM), 14

20. Scott Sheak, (HON), 14

Overall Point Standings 250cc

1. Ricky Carmichael (HON), 100

2. Timmy Ferry (YAM), 82

3. Sebastien Tortelli (HON), 78

4. David Vuillemin (YAM), 75

5. Ezra Lusk (KAW), 62

6. Kyle Lewis (HON), 55

7. John Dowd (KTM), 54

8. Paul Carpenter (HON), 45

9. Sean Hamblin (SUZ), 39

10. Robbie Reynard (HON), 34

11. Stephane Roncada (KAW), 33

12. Darcy Lange (KAW), 32

13. Craig Decker (YAM), 23

14. Daryl Hurley (SUZ), 22

15. Ryan Clark (YAM), 20

16. Heath Voss (HON), 19

17. Keith S. Johnson (KTM), 17

18. Jean Sebastien Roy (HON), 16

19. Dustin Nelson (YAM), 14

20. Guy Cooper (KTM), 13