2014 Detroit SX Race Report

Photos by Jeff Kardas

The 2014 Monster Energy Supercross Series continued with round eleven at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. With the point totals tightening in both the 250 and 450 classes, riders are becoming more daring and aggressive when fighting for position on the track and that was apparent in the Motor City. Riders diced around the tight course, and with little to separate the field, every pass came with necessary force. As it stands, the leaders of both championships have added to their margins over the field, but anything can happen in the final stops of the 17-race season.

250 East Coast Regional Supercross Championship

250 Heat One

Kyle Peters rocketed out of the gate aboard his Grunnaid Energy/AG Motorsports privateer Honda to take the holeshot, but Gavin Faith snuck by soon after to take the lead away. As the laps clicked off, the Ti-Lube/Storm Lake Honda rider kept a controlled pace, but Justin Bogle worked to overcome a midpack start and knifed through the pack aboard his GEICO Honda. Despite the blistering pace set by Bogle, who turned the fastest lap of the six-lap race with a 56.354 time, the gap built by Faith was too much to overcome and he went on to take his first heat race win of the season.

Privateer riders filled the night's first heat race and the independently funded racers made up the bulk of the transfer positions, with AJ Catanzaro, Vince Friese, Ryan Zimmer, Daniel Heerlein, and Jesse Wentland all going through to the main event.

Jeremy Martin and Matt Bisceglia were two riders many expected to qualify directly to the main event from their heat race, but both faced issues early in the race. Bisceglia was caught in a first turn crash, and despite his efforts, the GEICO Honda rider only managed to ride to thirteenth place. Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha's Jeremy Martin, meanwhile, went down in a separate incident and claimed fifteenth place.

Justin Starling was in the transfer position with three laps to go in the heat race, but the privateer clipped a set of Tuff Blocks when coming down the "Pontiac" section and was thrown to the ground. The crash was the end of the Florida rider's night.

250 Heat One Results

1. Gavin Faith
2. Justin Bogle
3. Kyle Peters
4. AJ Catanzaro
5. Alex Martin
6. Vince Friese
7. Ryan Zimmer
8. Daniel Herrlein
9. Jesse Wentland
10. Jackson Richardson

250 Heat Two Results

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki riders ruled the second 250 heat race from the moment the gate dropped, with Adam Cianciarulo nabbing the holeshot and Martin Davalos overtaking the lead shortly after with a calculated pass on the opening lap. For Davalos to line up in itself was remarkable, as the veteran racer suffered a vicious crash during the afternoon practice session, but he was unfazed by the wreck and Cianciarulo through the six-lap sprint, and claimed the heat race win.

Privateer power continued in the second 250 heat of the night, as Jimmy Decotis carded a third place finish aboard his Riverside Harley-Davidson/Dedicated Ride Co. Honda and Smartop/MotoConcepts's Kyle Cunningham kept a pack of satellite riders at bay to take fourth place.

250 Heat Two Results

1. Martin Davalos
2. Adam Cianciarulo
3. Jimmy Decotis
4. Kyle Cunningham
5. Cole Thompson
6. Blake Baggett
7. Matt Lemoine
8. Mitchell Oldenburg
9. Justin Freund
10. Cade Clason

250 LCQ

Jeremy Martin and Matt Bisceglia started the LCQ up front, and the two tore away from the rest of the field. With only four riders making it to the main event, the fight for the final transfers was intense. Brady Kiesel and Landen Powell were in contention for the position, but numerous mistakes on Kiesel's part gave Powell the ticket out.

After clicking off three impressive laps, Jeremy Martin appeared destined to take the LCQ win until a mistake on the last lap pitched him to the ground. He would quickly remount, but not until Matt Bisceglia and Jackson Richardson went by to take first and second, respectively.

250 LCQ Results

1. Matt Bisceglia
2. Jackson Richardson
3. Jeremy Martin
4. Landen Powell
5. Brady Kiesel
6. Cade Clason
7. Zack Williams
8. Luke Vonlinger
9. Chad Wages
10. Gannon Audette

250 Main Event

Martin Davalos and Adam Cianciarulo entered the long left-hand sweeper side by side, but it was the veteran ahead as they crossed the holeshot stripe. Justin Bogle trailed the Pro Circuit teammates, and the three riders dropped the rest of the field just laps into the race. Midway through the third lap, Cianciarulo had closed on Davalos and the two were just inches apart through the numerous obstacles. Underneath the loose top soil was a very slick base, and these conditions would cause Davalos to tuck his front-end entering a tight turn. He would remount quickly enough to fend off Jimmy Decotis for third place, but this gave Cianciarulo and Bogle the opportunity to build a tremendous gap over the competition. Just laps later, Davalos would hit the deck again and fall further down the top ten.

At the halfway point of the race, the top two riders were buried in lapped riders. As Cianciarulo worked to cut through the pack, Bogle managed to up his pace and turn a series of quicker laps. This allowed the GEICO Honda rider the chance to pull up to the leader, but when the pack of lapped riders thinned, Cianciarulo inched back ahead. A blistering pace on the final two laps gave Cianciarulo a 3.039 second margin of victory.

A poor start put Blake Baggett in the back of the field at the start of the main event, but the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider spent the entire 15-lap race working through the pack. Rather than forcing his way by the competition, Baggett waited for opportunities to present themselves, such as quick consecutive passes that moved him to third place.

Main Event Results

1. Adam Cianciarulo
2. Justin Bogle
3. Blake Baggett
4. Kyle Cunningham
5. Matt Lemoine
6. Martin Davalos
7. Vince Friese
8. Jeremy Martin
9. Alex Martin
10. Jimmy Decotis
11. Cole Thompson
12. Kyle Peters
13. Gavin Faith
14. Mitchell Oldenburg
15. AJ Catanzaro
16. Jesse Wentland
17. Jackson Richardson
18. Landen Powell
19. Matt Bisceglia
20. Justin Freund
21. Daniel Herrlein
22. Ryan Zimmer

Monster Energy Supercross 250 East Coast Championship Points Standings (After 5 of 9 rounds):

1. Adam Cianciarulo (119pts/3wins)
2. Martin Davalos (102pts/1 win)
3. Blake Baggett (99pts/1 win)
4. Justin Bogle (94pts)
5. Vince Friese (75pts)
6. Kyle Cunningham (63pts)
7. Cole Thompson (58pts)
8. Jimmy Decotis (54pts)
9. Matt Lemoine (53pts)
10. Blake Wharton (51pts)

Monster Energy 450 Supercross Championship

450 Heat One

Smartop/MotoConcepts's Mike Alessi and JGRMX/Toyota/NFab/Yamaha 's Justin Brayton were even off of the start, but a close pass by Alessi allowed the privateer to take control. James Stewart made a similar move on Brayton a few corners later and set off after leader Alessi. The Yoshimura Suzuki rider was the fastest person on the course and his quicker lap times reeled in Alessi by the second lap. He would overtake the lead after a pair of intense pass attempts and from there, went on to take the win by a 3.371 margin at the checkered flag.

With only four riders transferring directly to the main event, the fight was on for the final three positions. Despite his efforts, Justin Brayton was shuffled through the pack as RCH/Soaring Eagle/Suzuki's Josh Hill and Red Bull KTM teammates Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen raced up the running order. Hill would claim third place, and Dungey would best Roczen to take the fourth and final spot.

450 Heat One Results

1. James Stewart
2. Mike Alessi
3. Josh Hill
4. Ryan Dungey
5. Ken Roczen
6. Justin Brayton
7. Andrew Short
8. Matt Goerke
9. Chris Blose
10. Nick Schmidt

450 Heat Two

Team Honda Muscle Milk's Cole Seely ushered the field through the first turn, with teammate Justin Barcia and Monster Energy Kawasaki's Ryan Villopoto in tow. The pace set by the top-three riders was far too quick for riders deeper in the field to match, and they distanced themselves from the pack. In the later laps of the race, Barcia wrestled the lead away from Seely with a daring pass in a tight hairpin, and Villopoto followed suit two turns later. Villopoto upped the pace in the final two laps and pulled even, but his numerous attempts at overtaking would stay. Barcia would hang on to the spot at the line, a mere .512 seconds ahead.

Dean Wilson started the heat race in fourth place aboard his America's Tire/TwoTwo Motorsports Kawasaki, but a mistake in a rhythm lane allowed Weston Peick the chance to force his way into fourth place by the second lap. Peick began to power away from Wilson, but the Motosport.com/Fly Racing/Yoshimura rider lost traction when approaching an obstacle and was spat off his Suzuki. This moved Wilson back into the final transfer position, and he held on to the spot for the remainder of the moto.

450 Heat Two Results

1. Justin Barcia
2. Ryan Villopoto
3. Cole Seely
4. Dean Wilson
5. Broc Tickle
6. Wil Hahn
7. Jimmy Albertson
8. Nick Wey
9. Josh Grant
10. Daniel Meynet

450 Semi One

Nick Schmidt skirted along an inside line through the first turn to take the holeshot, but the lead would change twice more over the course of the first lap; Mafia Moto Crew's Nick Wey first took control as the pack flew through the long rhythm lane, then Justin Brayton made his move with a block pass. GEICO Honda's Wil Hahn took advantage of the opening lap madness to climb into second place, but a mistake would allow Brayton the chance to slightly pull away. Hahn quickly recovered from the error to catch up to the leader, and was able to capitalize when Brayton bobbled while entering a turn. This was the opening the 450 class rookie needed to claim control of the race, and he pulled further away from Brayton over the remaining two laps to take his fourth semi win of the season.

Matt Goerke was another rider to benefit from the close pack of riders in the opening laps, and the BTO Sports KTM racer caught and passed both Schmidt and Wey to take third place.

450 Semi One Results

1. Wil Hahn
2. Justin Brayton
3. Matt Goerke
4. Nick Schmidt
5. Nick Wey
6. Ronnie Stewart
7. Augie Lieber
8. Daniel Meynet
9. Tony Archer
10. Jake Oswald

450 Semi Two

Motosport.com/Crossland Racing's Jimmy Albertson and BTO Sports KTM's Andrew Short were neck and neck through the first lanes of track, but Short's speed through the whoops moved the KTM rider into the lead. Multiple errors through consecutive corners on dropped Albertson down the order and out of a transfer position on the opening lap. Short soon felt pressure from RCH/Soaring Eagle/Suzuki's Broc Tickle, and the fierce rivals began a fight for first place. Tickle's best lap time was nearly a full second faster than Short's, and the close proximity caused Tickle to make mistakes in the turn at the top of Pontiac hill. Just moments later the battle resume, but Short blocked every inside line to hold on to the spot by .307 seconds.

450 Semi Two Results

1. Andrew Short
2. Broc Tickle
3. Josh Grant
4. Ken Roczen
5. Chris Blose
6. Weston Peick
7. Jimmy Albertson
8. Cody Gilmore
9. Preston Mull
10. Adam Enticknap

450 LCQ

Ronnie Stewart darted the to front in the LCQ aboard his DirtCandy/PRBC.com privateer Suzuki, with Jimmy Albertson and Weston Peick close behind. Stewart held on to the spot for the bulk of the race, but mistakes allowed Peick the chance to close in and take over. Albertson would also make a pass on Stewart, and with that the top three was set.

Cody Gilmore worked his way up the standings the LCQ and had caught fourth place runner Augie Lieber on the last lap. With time winding down, Gilmore executed a forceful pass that put him into the final transfer and Lieber on the ground.

450 LCQ Results

1. Weston Peick
2. Jimmy Albertson
3. Ronnie Stewart
4. Cody Gilmore
5. Preston Mull
6. Deven Raper
7. Chris Proscelle
8. Daniel Meynet
9. Scotty Wennerstorm
10. Jake Oswald

450 Main Event

When the 450 field exited the first turn, it was Team Honda Muscle Milk's Cole Seely in front, with fellow fill-in rider Dean Wilson a close second. James Stewart connected the inside lines through two lanes of track and moved into second place before the end of the opening lap, then set off after Seely for the lead. Although many riders used the same jump combinations on the track, Stewart had scoped out new lines and surprised Seely with a pass just before the start of the third lap. Seely attempted to counter the move and showed Stewart a wheel at the top of Pontiac hill, but the Yoshimura Suzuki rider powered around the outside line and sped away. Building a lead in the early moments was key for Stewart, as the track was rather one-lined and current points leader Ryan Villopoto was on a move through the pack. The Monster Energy Kawasaki rider nabbed second place away from Seely on the fifth lap by flat tracking through the mechanic's area, then chipped away at Stewart's lead, which at one point was up to five seconds.

With little to separate the field, riders in the top-ten spent the moto locked in intense battles for each position. Ryan Dungey used a mistake by Seely to move up to third place, Andrew Short and Dean Wilson tussled for fourth, and Justin Barcia used an aggressive move to get by Josh Hill. Wilson would slide further down the chart as the race continued on and was knocked back after slight contact with Josh Hill. Barcia would climb up to fourth place after a risky pass on Short, but Short later countered and reclaimed the position.

Ryan Dungey earned his place on the podium after quick series of passes put him up to third with Ryan Villopoto just ahead. The Red Bull KTM rider was often times the fastest rider on the track and closed on Villopoto in the waning laps, but a unique rhythm through one section appeared to let second place maintain a gap. Still, this podium finish kept him in the hunt for the championship.

Stewart's lead over Villopoto varied in the final ten laps of the race. At one point it was well over seven seconds, but he was noticeably reserved in the final two laps. His slowed pace let Villopoto come close, but Stewart held on to take the forty-eighth win of his career.

Main Event Results

1. James Stewart
2. Ryan Villopoto
3. Ryan Dungey
4. Andrew Short
5. Justin Barcia
6. Broc Tickle
7. Weston Peick
8. Josh Hill
9. Justin Brayton
10. Josh Grant
11. Matt Goerke
12. Dean Wilson
13. Mike Alessi
14. Wil Hahn
15. Cole Seely
16. Chris Blose
17. Nick Wey
18. Jimmy Albertson
19. Ronnie Stewart
20. Ken Roczen
21. Cody Gilmore
22. Nick Schmidt

Monster Energy Supercross 450 Championship Points Standings (After 9 of 17 rounds):
1. Ryan Villopoto (231ptts/3 wins)
2. Ryan Dungey (201pts/1 win)
3. James Stewart (182pts/3 wins)
4. Ken Roczen (181pts/2 wins)
5. Justin Brayton (167pts)
6. Andrew Short (143pts)
7. Justin Barcia (134pts)
8. Broc Tickle (126pts)
9. Wil Hahn (115pts)
10. Chad Reed (111pts/2 wins)