Stolen Bike Scam

Of course, like the rest of you, we think there’s a “special” place for bike thieves, and especially ones who are brazen enough to do it face-to-face. That leads us to Mitchell Bailey, who was selling a brand-new 2006 Suzuki RM-Z450 (VIN#JS1RL41C062103733) via an ad in the local Cycle Trader.

The woman who visited their house presented a very real looking, but also very phony cashier’s check from Bay Cities National Bank, gave them a phony name, and was driving a champagne-colored Ford F-150 with plates that didn’t belong on it. The phone number used previously during negotiations also no longer works.

The Bailey’s did their due diligence, including:

  • Checking for a watermark on the check. (Apparently it was a very good quality fake.)
  • Calling the bank. (Because it was after hours, they didn’t get an answer, so the Baileys said that they’d send the title and registration the next day).
  • They collected personal information. (Name, address, license plate number, and phone number.)

Unfortunately, they’re now missing one RM-Z450. If you have any information, e-mail or the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.