Sunline/ARC Signs Factory Team Yamaha and Yamaha of Troy Racing

Sunline/ARC Vice President of Brand Development Greg Berg announced today that Sunline/ARC  has signed Factory Team Yamaha (Chad Reed, Timmy Ferry, Dave Vuillemin, Heath Voss ) and Yamaha of Troy Racing ( Danny Smith, Kelly Smith, Brett Metcalfe, Brock Sellards ) to use and endorse Sunline/ARC Levers, Handguards and specific Sunline ARC racing components for the 2005 season.

Eddie Cole, President of Sunline/ARC stated ” Factory Yamaha represents a high level of standards in their motocross racing program and the Sunline/ARC team is really excited about this tremendous opportunity to be building components and working closely with Yamaha and Yamaha of Troy .

The Yamaha/YOT Sunline /ARC Flex Levers are machined from billet Aluminum and feature a Flex Pivot System that allows the levers to fold away upon contact and are virtually unbreakable.  In addition, the Sunline/ARC levers also have an adjustable stop built in that allows the blade to be positioned in accordance to hand size and ball bearing rollers for smooth action.

The Sunline/ARC Team Hand Guard Blast Shields are a unique design in that the mount system is independent from the levers. The mount system is made from an injection molded carbon -nylon for strength and the hand shields are a lightweight design specifically for SX/MX.

For more information contact Sunline/ARC at 661 257 2756 or send $3.00 for a 40 page 4 color catalog to: Sunline/ARC 29018 Hancock Parkway, Valencia CA 91355 or visit us on the web at