Suomy ProCross Glitter

APPLICATION: Sizes XS-XL PRICE: $279.95 In the early years, helmet choice was pretty limited in motocross. Nowadays, there seems to be a million alternatives to protect your melon, which is great for consumers. All of the competition has resulted in excellent, feature-laden helmets wrapped in attractive paint jobs designed to entice and sway potential buyers. Suomy is one of the “new” companies to enter the American MX scene by stepping up and supporting factory Honda rider Sebastien Tortelli. Though they sell more helmets than anyone in Europe, Suomy is using Tortelli to get their feet wet in the U.S.A.

Their latest offering, the ProCross Glitter, adds to the lineup a helmet with handsome graphics that is still affordable, and best of all, is unique. While the Glitter’s appearance was a tossup between test riders, it was unanimous that the helmet is the best-looking offering from Suomy to date. Previous helmets featured bullets and flying saw blades in a “Euro-looking” design that wasn’t very popular with our test staff.

Besides the graphics, the Glitter lid is very light due to its Kevlar and carbon fiber construction. It also features an indestructible visor, a Snell and DOT approval, an adjustable air intake in the brow and an Ultralure liner that is removable and washable. Fit was good for some and bad for others, but with a sub-$300 price tag on a helmet that has all of the characteristics of the high-end units that sell for double the price, we’re sure that Suomy won’t have much trouble entering into the U.S. market.RATING: 8Call 800/799-9444 or visit