Supercross After-Parties Start This Week!

Supercross After-Parties and Jamey Grosser are back in action again for the 04¿ Supercross season bringing you parties again coast to coast this year, with U.V. Vodka a new twist on an old idea. The parties are set to kick off this weekend in Anaheim at The Catch¿don¿t miss it!

Make sure to make it out for drink specials, merchandise giveaways and all the top riders that have something to celebrate after the race. Make sure you check out to get all your party information. Or email:

Make sure to check Jamey Grosser out at the Team Moto XXX race truck to get your party info. Party Info is also available at Hahm Motorsports in Anaheim.

Directions: The Catch is located directly across the street from the main entrance to the stadium on State College.

The parties have become things of legend don¿t miss them!