Supercross After-Party A1

Hosted by Moto XXX’s Jamey Grosser

Date:  Saturday, January 8 th 2005

Location:                The Catch
                              1929 S. State College Blvd     
                              Anaheim, CA 92806

“You’re not going to be able to sleep anyway

After watching what is going to be one of the best races in history you’re not going to be able to sleep anyway!  And if you have been to A-1 before you don’t want to sit in traffic! So hang out with us, the Zima XXX and UV girls and surely a couple of the race favorites are going to be celebrating!  Its 2005 lets get the season started off right!

The Catch is off of State College straight across the street from the main entrance to the big A, you can’t miss it.  As always we’ll have Zima XXX and UV Vodka specials and Moto XXX’s Jamey Grosser will be revving up the party with plenty of swag!

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