Supercross After-Party Club Buca St. Louis!

Hosted by Moto XXX’s Jamey Grosser

Date: Saturday, March 5th 2005


Club Buca
707 Clamorgan
St. Louis, MO 63102

“Party under the Arch!”

Zima XXX Supercross After- Party is heading for the gateway to the west! Club Buca in St. Louie is the location. Jamey Grosser will get you in and Zima XXX and UV vodka will be the refreshments of choice! Need I say more!

Stop by the Moto XXX race truck in the pits for all dirt! But if you can’t wait check-out for up-to-date news and information regarding the 2005 Supercross After-Parties! Also check out And Party people make sure you make some noise when you see the #118 Moto XXX party machine on the track, Jamey needs to lock down another people’s championship!

To request more information and a VIP Pass to this event email: – It’s 100% true-Ain’t no party like a Jamey Grosser Party!