Supercross The Home Version Available Now!

Franklin, WI (November 15, 2005) ¿ DHW Enterprise LLC is proud to announce that the long awaited game Supercross The Home Version¿ is now available for purchase. ‘As of Tuesday the games are rolling of the assembly line and are shipping out to retailers” said Douglas Hein President of DWH Enterprise LLC.  

Consumers have been waiting and now that wait is over. Supercross The Home Version combines the excitement of indoor supercross racing with the fun of a game for a night of family fun. You can order directly form DWH Enterprise LLC at and orders in by noon central time will be shipped the same day. Tracking numbers are also provided. Games are on the shelf and are ready for delivery.

One of the first games purchased was to Tyler Packard of Muskego, Wisconsin. Tyler emailed DWH Enterprise with this comments. ‘I have been looking for a game like this. Now I can take this to the races, play with my friends and beat them on and off the track.”

Supercross The Home Version is manufactured by DWH Enterprise located in Franklin, WI and is a copyrighted and trademarked product. For more information please visit or contact Douglas Hein @ 414-426-3684