Supervisor In Riverside County Suggests That OHV Use Is “Inherently Inconsiderate Of Other People.”

The county is looking at severe restrictions or an outright ban of OHV use in residential areas. 

SANTEE, CALIFORNIA (January 25, 2006) ¿In an unexpected turn of events the Riverside County Board of Supervisors sent the draft off-highway vehicle (OHV) ordinance back to the planning department requesting that they either ban OHV use in residential areas totally or require anyone who wishes to recreate on OHV’s on their own property to get a permit. It was even suggested that there should be heavy fees associated with these permits as a kind of penalty on an activity some Supervisors think is inappropriate.

The Off-Road Business Association (ORBA) , the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), EcoLogic, the McGrath family, and many Riverside County property owners have spent a considerable amount of time assisting the county in crafting an ordinance that is fair to both off-roaders in the county and residents who have valid complaints. “I was genuinely shocked by the comments of the Supervisors”, said Meg Grossglass of ORBA. “We have been working with the Planning Department of Riverside County for the past sixteen months. I don’t understand what would have prompted the Supervisors to reject the Planning Departments recommendations and to instead take such a discriminatory stance against people who choose to use OHV’s on their own property”.

Jack McGrath stated, “I pay property tax in this county on several properties and I am outraged that some Supervisors want to tell me that I can’t use my property for what it was  purchased for, even though I comply with the current sound limits in the county and have complied with all existing county ordinances.” Fred Wiley, Executive Director of ORBA, suggested that the county should enforce the current dust and trespass ordinances instead of punishing law abiding citizens who wish to use their own property in a responsible manner.

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to revisit the OHV ordinance on March 28th, 2006. In the interim, ORBA will continue to work with Riverside County officials to develop a fair and reasonable OHV ordinance that addresses the legitimate noise and dust concerns of county residents while allowing OHV enthusiasts to responsibly operate OHV’s on their private properties.