Take Five With Big E And Darryn Durham

By Erick "Big E" Bartoldus
Photos by Brendan Lutes

In 2009, East coast rookie contender, Darryn Durham had a rocky start to his pro career. Although he had some mediocre finishes in both Supercross and the Nationals, they were not what the former Loretta Lynn Champion had hoped for. Even still with so-so results, the former Star Racing/Yamaha rider earned himself National number 36 for the up coming 2010 season. Recently, we tracked him down at his Lake Elsinore, home to find out what he's been up to during the off-season. Here's what he had to say…


Where are you from?
I am originally from Butler Pennsylvania. I spent my whole life growing up there.

How do you feel your first pro season went?
It really did not go the way that I would have liked. I had some okay rides. I landed a few top fives, but I was not satisfied with that. I think I should have done better. I did learn a lot my first year that's for sure.

What is one thing you wished you knew before Supercross started?
I guess how gnarly it really is out there. Racing is a lot different than practicing on a Supercross track.


Specifically what makes it different for you? Was it the pace? The different kind of terrain you encountered?
For me, it was adapting to the track so fast. I rode the Yamaha track a lot before the east coast series started and I had that track down. My lap times were real good out there. The problem was that it was one of the only Supercross tracks that I had ridden. Then you're thrown into the mix racing every weekend. When you go to the race every weekend you have to figure everything out really fast. You really only have about 20 minutes to figure the whole thing out. If you are not ready for that, it will catch you off guard.

So looking back what would you say you have learned that is going to make you more prepared for this year?
I for sure need to carry more speed into the whoops. And I am working on my cornering speed as well.258x0092

How do you feel the 2009 Nationals went for you?
They were alright. I had a few good motos, but I never really got comfortable with the bike. I was not too pumped with my whole set up. I had ridden a Suzuki since I was a little kid and the way the Star bikes were set up, I had a problem making them work. Earlier in the year, when we were on Yamaha of Troy bikes, those were great. For some reason the Star bikes did not feel nearly as good as the YOT bikes. I pretty much fought the bike all year long. It just did not want to turn for me and I had issues with the suspension all year long. I wish we could have done more testing. If you can't turn you aren't going anywhere! (Laughs).

How was Star Racing to ride for?
I got along really well with my mechanic. But I really wish we could have tested some more and made more changes to the bike.

What do you have cooking for 2010?
Most likely, I will be back on a Suzuki. And I'm really pumped on that, because I really like Suzukis. The rest is still coming together. I should know more this week. Volcom—one of my sponsors that came on board last year—will be with me. That is about the only thing for sure at this point. I am getting a bit of a late start, so I think that I will most likely be racing East Coast Supercross. I hope it will be east coast. I would really like to do Daytona. I have always wanted to do good there since I was a little kid. It's kind of a dream of mine.

Who do you hang with?
Pretty much the only guy that I ride and hangout with is Sean Borkenhagen. He is awesome.258x0663

What would you like the fans to know about you?
I do a mean one-hander and one-footer, and I can bust a big Nac Nac. Seriously, like Jeremy McGrath status Nac Nac with the bike way out there and the look back and all!

Dude, I would make sure that is on your resume! You want to make sure your new sponsors know about that!
Good point. I will get on that!

Anyone you would like to thank?
My Dad and my family; they have always been behind me. And also Volcom for being a great personal sponsor.

Alright, thanks Darryn. Good luck this year!