Tarah and Sarah quench their thirst with Deluge Water

Deluge Water has stepped up to sponsor both Tarah Gieger and Sarah Whitmore for the remainder of 2007. Starting this coming weekend, both riders will be running logos of their favorite water. Deluge has been providing them with water from the beginning of the season as part of the Richardson’s RV team, but has decided to provide additional support to each rider’s program.

Sarah was pretty stoked to hear the news. She said, “Some people think water is water, but Deluge actually tastes better than the other brands. I realized this when I first tasted Deluge, and am glad they have supported the team and now will be supporting me as an individual. Having a water sponsor comes in handy during, especially during the summer months.

Tarah agrees, Deluge tastes better. When asked her thoughts on Deluge, she said, “I am really excited to have Deluge as a sponsor. As everyone knows, we go through a lot of water training for the races and throughout the summer months. Deluge has never wavered when I have requested to get more water to my house, and now they are stepping up to provide even more support. That is huge.

Deluge can be found at your local am/pm or BP market. It can also be found at any of the three Richardson’s RV locations in Southern California. For more information about Deluge Water go to: http://www.ampm.com/ . For more information on the Richardson’s RV team, visit: http://richardsonsracing.com/ .

For more information on Sarah Whitmore and Tarah Gieger or the Richardson’s RV team, please contact Steve Aldaco, at 951) 205-3348 or aldacos1@netzero.com .