TBT Racing Honda CR125 Motor Mods

PRICE: $250 for TBT motor mods, FMF SST pipe $239.99, Powercore II Silencer $99.99APPLICATION: ’00-’01 Honda CR125R

[IMAGE 1]We know what you’re thinking¿who the heck is TBT Racing? To answer that question, TBT stands for Tuning by Travis, a small hop-up shop that has gained quite a reputation in the Pacific Northwest. The Washougal Amateur National is one of our favorite races of the season, and every year Travis hounds us to try one of his personal race bikes. If there’s one thing that magazine editors hate, it’s being asked, “Hey, ride by bike, will ya’?”

After numerous rejections, Travis finally wised up and decided to take a different approach. “Hey, I’ve got a really good CR125R motor mod,” he said. “How about if I send you the cylinder to try out?” We agreed and TBT sent down a brand-new modified CR125R cylinder and head, plus a FMF SST pipe and Powercore II silencer. After bolting the new top end on and installing a new Wiseco Powerlite piston, we topped the tank off with VP C-12 race gas and headed to the track.

The stock CR125R motor leaves much to be desired. An anemic low-end hit is followed by a strong surge of mid-range power, but the motor falls flat in the upper RPMs. The TBT Racing cylinder is a huge improvement over stock, producing a little more down low, a bigger punch in the middle and way more on top! Combined with the excellent FMF SST exhaust system, the TBT Racing cylinder makes the little Honda competitive with the horsepower kings of the tiddler class. This isn’t the fastest modified 125 we’ve ridden, but it is definitely one of the best modified Hondas we’ve tried.

TBT Racing may not have the big name recognition of the more established hop-up shops, but that shouldn’t keep you from giving them a try. Hey Travis, maybe we’ll take you up at Washougal Amateur Day 2001!

Call 206/718-8637 or visit www.tbtracing.com