Team FirePoliceMX/R.I.S.K! Program Supercross sponsorship

FirePoliceMX/R.I.S.K! will be racing the 2007 Amp’d AMA Supercross series. During each round we are going to try to have a R.I.S.K! program at a local Kawasaki dealership and or Fire an or Police department. R.I.S.K is (Right Information Saves Kids) the importance of wear your helmet during bike riding, skateboarding, etc. At each round we will have a raffel or online auction to raise monies to help our R.I.S.K! program and to help buy helmets.

With your involvement in Supercross/Motocross, Skateboarding Magazines, BMX. Quad and snowboarding I was wondering if you would donate a subscribtion to each of these magazines at each round of the Supercross series (US only races) We would also in return add you to our website as a sponsor and give out magazines at our R.I.S.K! programs and at each Supercross round to try and help with getting people to subscribe to your magazines.

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